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The Sad Story of your false accusations
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Detective Matteo
Detective Matteo

Mar-28-2007 10:24

2 suspect left Tom and Jerry
8 witness on 11 didn't suspect Tom
2 P.E. remaining.. used the bribe to see if one of it was from Tom and it wasn't
Took a chance on Jerry and.. Shady smiled

Another one..
2 suspect left with a P.E. each.. Got a W.E. on one of em.. Took another chance and... Shady made a broader smile..

Time fo find a well paid work...



Mar-29-2007 08:28

I never guess, but how's this for sheer bloody minded stupidity?

Picture, if you will, a detective of long standing with every skill available under their belt... yes, me! After a long and exhausting day in real life I return home and log on to sleuth, my intention is to quickly fire through some cases in the hope of finding some treasure. For the sake of speed, and as I’m so tired, I decide upon easy cases, it's a sad reflection indeed but each of the following cases truly were at easy level.

I open my 1st case & quickly match a PE to a suspect. Upon checking that suspects alibi I find it is real where upon, for reasons I myself just cannot explain, I return to said suspect and ACCUSE!!

Yikes, false no. 1.

Chiding myself for such stupidity I continue on with my next case. All goes well, again I match PE to a suspect, go to question that suspect about alibi's but whence I arrive I (again, for reasons unknown) go right ahead and ACCUSE!!

Ye Gods! False no. 2 in two minutes flat.

Cursing myself, Shady and the sleuth world in general I pack my bags and head over to Delhi. There I begrudgingly hand over the better part of a million dollars to a certain greedy shyster. Vowing never to have any dealing with the thieving @%!#@$! ever again I return once more to Cairo.

Deciding I cannot possibly be so stupid a third time I embark on yet another case. This time I truly dazzle myself with stupidity. Rather than asking my 1st suspect about motives, as any sane detective would, I just go right ahead and ACCUSE!!

I kid you not, 3 false's in under 10 mins. Thankfully, at this point I (finally!!!) see sense and pack it in.

I can offer no explanation for my actions other than: I was tired, distracted by the TV, and seemed to lapse into some sort of random click mode.

To this day, I wear that 3rd false as a sad and painful reminder :(

Never again!


Mar-29-2007 08:36

Geddes, I feel your pain. I will never again play Sleuth while watching Desperate Housewives. I did the truly brilliant move of accusing instead of asking for suspects.

Daphne Dangerfield
Daphne Dangerfield
Old Shoe

Mar-30-2007 01:07

LOL Geddes!

Nothing could ever beat that in terms of stupidity and speed!

Madam, I salute you.

Battered Shoe

Mar-30-2007 20:44

I've sworn to never play sleuth again while under the influence of alcohol.

It seems FAs always come in 2s, so I've heard. Unfortunately I'm so paranoid I didn't wait for the second one before I paid Shady which resulted in exorbitant expenditures TWICE.

While on a treasure hunt and storing solved cases in my case files, I went to my little case page and instead of remembering the suspect that was guilty due to WE, I stored my case as solved with the person who gave me the WE. Got to the point where I re-opened the case and went to solve and did not check my previous reasoning because I was SWI (sleuthing while intoxicated) and figured I must have been smarter when I was storing the case than I could possibly be in my current state and accused. FA #1. Paid Shady off immediately.

The FA I got after that two weeks later... to this day is not explainable. I was doing my thing... I was finding motives...I was checking alibis... I was confirming evidence... I was accusing the guilty suspect and OH SNAP. FA#2 two weeks later. Sat there in bewilderment for about 10 minutes (which actually in reality was probably only 10 seconds). Off to Delhi to pay Shady again with my tail between my legs. I'm surprised I made it there in my condition at the time.

So people... I warn you... don't get an SWI. Multiple SWIs will leave you broke and distraught and potentially kill your whole detective career in a matter of minutes.


Apr-22-2007 10:58

My bad moments came only on my second day!!
I had all my townies and my witnesses clamming up badly, Nothing doing except to toss a coin and select between the two suspects and Bang... Shady starts smiling wide..

Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

Apr-22-2007 12:17

I cannot stress this enough!!!

It is always better to quit a case than risk the chance of getting a false accusation, and there are no penalties for quitting cases!


Apr-23-2007 10:35

Yep and now I am trying to be as careful as possible. I m thinking of getting a sub too...

Lucky Stiff

Apr-23-2007 10:41

You should, there's a lot of great perks to subscribing :)

Eden Zweig
Eden Zweig

Jul-26-2012 09:05

An incredibly hard case? Again?

I won't even bother to go into detail. I could say that I actually forgot to count the number of suspects. I think that explains it.

I am so mad at myself. I wish I had some real alibi suspect turn out the culprit like some players said it did a while ago. Or... I wish I guessed?! lol

I manage to make falsies in incredibly hard cases and now the one I made about an hour ago tells me that I kind of do most of my cases automatically.

Here's a to do or not to do list for that matter for a better, hopeful, brighter Sleuth future, haha:

* I will not listen to Roadrunner by the Sex Pistols again, or any song of Sex Pistols thereof and neither James, when I'm doing cases, especially the easier ones.

* I will not let my smaller cat inside the room. She is a psychopath and has Munchausen Syndrome.

*I will not listen to Ted Talks videos and documentaries while I'm doing cases.

* I will not dream about overthrowing the government as I am doing cases, lol. By far, this turned out to be a major distraction. Yes. This one.

* I will not think of those things that I will probably be unaware that I was thinking of. Hmm. I don't know how I will manage to do that though. Autosuggestions that say "get back to it" every 30 seconds?

* I will not let parts of my brain go to sleep.

* I just will not.


Lost about 2.5 million xp up until now. 66-70 skill points. 500 grand. All contacts, twice. A peacock. A big smooth.

Lack of patience is such a bad, bad thing.

While the admins may actually be the Skywalker family, I am not a Jedi :) I am not young either.

Enough with the part that I laughed at myself: I would like to thank my former director Night Queen. I am sorry for my misbehavior, which I would probably repeat if you got me back. lol. So no matter what you do, I should let you know: You rock!!!

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