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A Slight Problem - Please Answer Ben!


Mar-26-2007 21:49

This one is for Ben. I have a problem. I'm writing a featured mystery so that I can get subscribed. However, I can barely log on because I'm not subscribed. It's a paradox. How am I supposed to write the featured mystery to get me subscribed if I'm not subscribed? Can you make it possible to write it outside of being logged on? Thanks!



Mar-27-2007 16:55

I'm not Ben, but can I try and answer?

I used a word processor for my FM. Then when it was complete, I copyed it to the online FM writer.

That will work

Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin
Tale Spinner

Mar-30-2007 12:26

Amanda's suggestion is good, and I would encourage cutting and pasting from a word processor so you can make use of a spelling and grammar checker.

Also, You could create a new detective to write the mystery with. Keep in mind that the 70 current login restriction only applies to non-subscribed detectives that are more than seven days old.


Mar-30-2007 20:19

"Also, You could create a new detective to write the mystery with."

Which then leads to the question, Ben, of whether the reward (if given under the new feature/scripted mysteries guidlines given in another thread) has to be given to the submitter of the mystery.

In a case like raceal2's, he may have put a lot of work into his detective and perhaps doesn't want to play the one he creates for submission purposes (obviously, I'm not speaking for him, just trying to clarify for the general public).

Safety Officer

Mar-30-2007 20:27

Whilst not covered in so many words I think that "The length of the awarded subscription will depend on the quality of the featured mystery **and will be worked out with the individual author prior to publication**" from the 'Reward Subscriptions for Submitted Mysteries' post might also include negotiating with the author on which of their detectives this subscription might fall.

Not putting words in Ben's mouth, but that to me would seem fairly logical.

Sleuth About Town

Mar-30-2007 23:26

Another thing I've noticed, is, in the author's name... you can change it in the Writer's Workshop... I've already gave it a look over and truth be told, it helped me work out some things... and doing the writing by hand gives me time to think about my FM, another suggestion when not able to sign in... write it down on paper the good ol' fashion way. :D

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