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Detective Biography

The time was generally referred to as the "Roaring Twenties." But the twenties showed me that the world really isn't all about partying and having fun. There is more to life than meets the eye. Most people were recovering from World War I by having a good time and enjoying themselves. I was different. I had seen things in Germany that I prayed I would never have to see again. I was only 16 when they shipped me out. When I came back, people were celebrating for some reason. I didn't understand. I came back twenty years old but I had more experience than a middle aged man. I had seen undescribable horrors. I didn't find it fair that such unjustice should go on in the world. Unfair that people should be killed in painful ways when they ahd children to feed. Unfair that all these deaths should go unaccounted for in the eyes of the people celebrating out supposed "victory." I decided to do what I could ot save the world from the Hell it was plunging into. I returned to my birthplace in New York City and set up a detective agency. I hoped that I could give back to the world. I hoped that I could bring all murderers to justice. In a way, it was to make up for the fact that I saw my friend get killed by a German who stabbed him right in the heart. I hoped that seeing the dead people would wipe out his dead body from my memory. I hoped that bringing justice to murder would at least help me cope. And it did, to some extent. But let me tell you something. I saw things that few men could say they'd seen. I witnessed unspeakable things that no man should have to go through but I did in the name of justice. I fina;;y retired at age fifty, thirty years after opening my own little gateway to Hell. And I"m gonna tell you about my adventures young detective because, you might think you're entering a world of fun and adventure and heroism. Well you're not! I've been to Hell and back and let me tell you, it's not a fun ride. So before you decide to be a detective, let me tell you my story. You might change your mind or you might give up a lifetime of fulfillment to do a supposedly "honorable" job. It all started in 1920...


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