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Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin
Tale Spinner

Feb-22-2004 20:32

I have a couple of questions I'd like some feedback on. Please Answer by replying to this post.

1) Is the game fun? Really fun, kind of fun, funner than going to the dentist?

2) Can you think of anything that would make the game more fun?

3) Is the game too hard? Too easy?



Nancy Quimby Holmes
Nancy Quimby Holmes

Jun-6-2006 02:30

1. extremely fun (and addictive) :)

2. I can think of a couple things. First of all I was thinking maybe for the
favors you could switch your contacts every now and then. Like, if you
have the tailor as a contact and 3 other people in your agency have the
tailor as well. It could work the same basic way contacts are generated
in the first place, but instead of saying "whenever you need help", it
could give you a choice. Like if you do a favor for the barber and you
have the tailor, it could say something like "to switch your contact to
the barber click here...."
I hope that made sense. I tend to ramble.

The other idea I had has to do with traveling expenses. I was thinking
maybe there could be some sort of a "frequent flyer program" or
something like a pass that allows you to travel anywhere a certain
number of times for a set price.

3. I do not think the game is too hard, but I hate losing all my turns
simply traveling.

R Anstett
R Anstett

Jun-6-2006 07:02

I agree on the Contacts idea.

I think that they should stay your contact for 100 cases (just to pick a number out of the air) and then they get tired of answering all your questions. It would keep everyone on thier toes, always something new to look forward to.

It would also create movement in the agencies as the balance of contacts is always changing.

Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Jun-8-2006 09:15

I thought movement in agencies was bad. We all know what happened last time :)

Agent Canady
Agent Canady

Jun-12-2006 17:18

I like it...I am having fun!

but it is becoming very slow at times (not just when someone clams or the locked door.)

Agent Canady
Agent Canady

Jun-12-2006 18:57

one more thing...
the messaging system - is there anyway to improve it? i was sitting down reading a message from someone when i completely lost it b/c someone else sent me a message.

just thought i would ask...


Jun-15-2006 17:29

The game is brilliant and loads of fun. Having been a programmer before, everytime I play the game I get a headache thinking how you are managing to code all this, especially with numerous newer features with each difficulty level.

The game is pretty slow at times but I can understand the load with so many unsubscribers like me. Could we be allowed to own more gear (without having to sell one for another all the time).

It would eb fun to be kidnapped by suspects at times:-) Maybe then get more evidence about them.

Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Jun-16-2006 08:31

Rickety, you can have more gear IF you're in an agency with good storage space. I think this is to encourage non-subscribers to subscribe :)

Lemmy Caution
Lemmy Caution

Jun-19-2006 08:40

1.The game...really nice just that sometimes I find it a bit childish I mean I'd like it to be a bit more serious, more versatile, more challening, but remember I am talking as an unsubscriber(don't own the cash right now for a subscription).
2. Improovements?I've got lots of idea and I'll try to cover as many as I can right now if not I'll post when I remember the other ideas.
Some ideas:
a.To make the game more versatile, add more pictures for example.
b.Would be interesting if the suspects gave different motives about another suspect as in: one says he did it because the victim forgot x birthdays, the other says he could be the murderer because he loved the victim's spouse.
c.When it allows you to do a "special job" as I recall it's called for different organisations, it leads you to a guy that asks you some questions and if you succeed then he transfers who knows what info to the organisation you work to. I say who knows what because we would like to know what...I mean make it more interesting; if you are doing the job for the cosa nostra make it be a crime investigation or something like that that concearns the cappo or something like that that would make you feel more into that organisation....know what I'm sayin'?
d. The crime place is always the same boring old one or changes once or twice and it says about a room even if the crime happened on a dock! Would be nice if you could change here a bit too.
e. It would be really interesting to put some info of the victim too: picture, details, appearance because sometimes I find some evidence that don't fit to either of the suspects that din't have a concrete alibi...may that evidence be of the killed person?
3. For now it's medium sometimes I face difficulties with people clumming or 2 pieces of Thread and sometimes, on top of that, some guys have alibi at the one that can help me with the evidence(in this case the tailor)!
Otherwise the game is really nice;) Would like more cases tho:P

Lemmy Caution
Lemmy Caution

Jun-19-2006 08:41

Sorry by more pictures at point 2.a. I meant more pictures of the suspects, more varied. If you can of other things like crime scene or something else good if not, no problem.
And about the difficulty, I wanna see what happens when I get to have all the skills; then I can see if it's hard or not.

Reese Withers
Reese Withers

Jun-19-2006 10:28

Lemmy, if u subscribe and join an agency,you would have more cases ;)

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