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The Mole: Detective Edition
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Chelsea Bando
Chelsea Bando

Feb-24-2007 20:22

Requirements to play the game: Must have at least 10,000 experience points and be an active member. Must be available for the next few weeks.

12 fortunate detectives will be brought together with the chance to win up to 100 grande (in sleuth money NOT real money. To be transferred to your detective's account at the end of the competition)

In order to win the money you will have to complete challenges as a team. However, there is one player called the mole, an operative I have hired to sabotage the game and decrease your winnings. At the end of each round each contestant will have to answer a series of questions relating to the challenges they have faced and about who they think is the mole. Whoever gets the least amount of the questions right will be eliminated from the competition. The mole cannot be eliminated from the competition since my operative will know all of the answers. When there are only three contestants remaining, the last quiz will be administered and the winner will be decided. The last one standing wins all the money.


Sleuth About Town

Mar-14-2007 00:43

Lilangel decides it would be best for the team, a sacrifice for herself, and gives up her exemption.

Chelsea Bando
Chelsea Bando

Mar-14-2007 01:18

For example,
1 A
2 D
3 D

1 What was the name of the store the mole operated?
A Styles by Design
B Bloomin’ Treasures
C Bull in a China Shoppe
D none of the above
2 How many total pieces of pottery did the mole order from the factory?
A did not order
B 1
C 2
D more than 2
3 How many pieces of pottery did the mole sell in total?
A did not offer anything for sale
B 0
C 1
D more than 1
4 After the plane trip, which van was the mole in?
A first van
B second van
C third van
D the mole drove in a golf cart
5 The mole showed which response toward lilangel on the plane?
A The mole was lilangel, and it is impossible to determine the response shown because only lilangel could know her response
B It is never specified how the mole responded to lilangel
C The mole was upset with lilangel
D The mole loved lilangel
6 What skill did the mole possess that was displayed during the airplane section?
A juggling
B streaking through the terminal
C drawing a picture
D none of the above
7 When did the mole earn an exemption?
A first round
B second round
C the mole has not earned an exemption yet
D first and second rounds
8 What gender is the mole?
A male
B female
C neuter
D male and female
9 At which destination in the Washington DC game did the mole post in the game?
A The mole never posted during the DC game
B Wendy’s
C Sears Tower
D Chevy Chase Bank
10 Who did the mole form an alliance with?
A The mole is not in an alliance
B Ben and Sunny
C Bob Spenser
D Serges and Cfm
11 What skill set best describes the mole?
A tough
B charming
C smart
D a combination of the above
12 Is the mole still in the game?
A No
B Yes
C Both B and A
D None of the Above
13 Has the mole tried to sabotage the game yet?
A Yes, once
B No, never
C 1-800-Dominoes
D Yes, more than once
14 The ferret is most closely related to which species of animal?
A Cat
B Wombat
C Weasel
D Prairie Dog
more questions in next part

Chelsea Bando
Chelsea Bando

Mar-14-2007 01:19

15 Did the mole receive a visit from Serges in the Poland game?
A Yes
B No
C Serges was in the DC game, not the Poland game
D both A and B
16 Did the mole give up an exemption to earn the group money
A No
B Poland
C South America
D Yes
17 Has the mole tried to reveal his/her identity to the group yet?
A No
B Yes
C Poland
D Crunchpatty’s special chili mix
18 What country is the mole sitting in right now in the game?
A Poland
B Russia
C Europe
D The Great Awakening
19 What continent is the mole located in right now in the game?
A Asia
B Europe
C The Black Plague
D South America
20 Which player is the Mole for this game?
A Arabella Parker
B Zanajana
C Emma Barlowe
D Jojo
E Biggie 528
F Crunchpatty
G Adam Carter
H Carrie Mehome
I Calalta
J AubreyJ
K Lilangel
L Werber

Sleuth About Town

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Emma Barlowe
Emma Barlowe

Mar-18-2007 13:41

Bump so everyone knows that they need to take the quiz...

Chelsea Bando
Chelsea Bando

Mar-19-2007 18:23

only one person has yet to turn in answers. You know who you are!

Chelsea Bando
Chelsea Bando

Mar-19-2007 20:39

The players are assembled in the room, and Anderson Cooper opens the double doors and enters.

"For one of you tonight, the game has ended. Lilangel, you had the lowest score on the quiz tonight. You are going home. Your door prize is a 7 day stay at Ben's House, courtesy of Sunny's Revenge Incorporated. Jojo, please help Lilangel with her travel bags."

The host leaves the room and the players reveal their opinions and memories of lilangel.

Chelsea Bando
Chelsea Bando

Mar-20-2007 21:22

The players pack up their bags the next morning and are taken to the airport, where they await their next flight to Hay-on-Wye, Wales.

The plane trip is uneventful, except for a few girly screams as a golf club falls out of the overhead compartment and clubs werber, who someone sneaked aboard the plane.

When the team arrives in Hay-on-Wye, they are escorted to one of the many, many bookstores in the town. After all the town is famous for having 41 bookshops.

Inside the shop, the team is presented with a challenge. Arrayed throughout the store are many books, ranging from "Jedi for Dummies" to the "Scarlet Letter". The team must work together to figure out which book holds the cash prize. The only help the team has is the bookseller, who can answer their questions with either a yes or no answer. However, be warned. The mole can choose to bribe the bookseller on ONE question. The list of all of the books to be considered can found at this url.

The shopkeeper's identity will be revealed shortly.

Chelsea Bando
Chelsea Bando

Mar-22-2007 01:32

Naruto is your shopkeeper. Each player can ask only (1) yes/no question. You post the question here in the topic and Naruto will give his answer and perhaps some information from his long experience as a bookseller in Wales. You can post your questions here whenever you are ready.

Lucky Stiff

Mar-22-2007 06:05

Naruto does the book we are looking for deal with a religious subject?

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