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I'm writing a featured mystery! :)
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Feb-11-2007 09:33

It takes place in London. Although someone else already beat me to the punch in writing about Shakespearean theatre in London (the Romeo and Juliet mystery)....well, I decided to center mine on a different traditional play and only with many, many more twists. I'm thinking it'd get a Hard or Really Hard rating.

Not just that but I think London needs more featured mysteries too!

IRL I'm a New Yorker (not to mention a chick posing as a dude!) but have extensively travelled the UK and seen much of England and Ireland's rich history, tradition, and culture. I'm incorporating a lot of English local color and slang in this, and using British spellings instead of American spelling.

If this mystery does well I'd like to write more for London, and for the other cities when I get a chance to go to them. But mostly London for I have a soft spot for it, and New York since it's my hometown. Me loves the Old Yorke a bit more than the New York. :P

I'm almost done with the intro for this one. I'd like to post it and get feedback. If anyone's interested in reading it, does so and thinks it has a chance of becoming an FM, please let me know! Thanks! :)



Jul-20-2007 10:12

No Botsie, just go to the Writer's Workshop link and start writing. :)

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