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What are "themes"?


Feb-10-2007 19:58

The only ones I have unlocked are Shady Character and Classic Sleuth. The rest are pretty much all named after the mobs-- La Cosa Nostra, Green Hand, etc. What exactly do the themes do? Do they help or hurt you in solving cases? I couldn't really find any info on it.


Ms Helen
Ms Helen
Con Artist

Feb-10-2007 20:09

This was taken from another thread which asks the same question:

A theme is just a background, like a desktop background. You can change the "look" of your game by changing your theme. You can unlock themes as rewards, or you can buy them around town.

So to answer your question no, it won't help or harm you. Also the new search function on the message boards is great for finding info like this ;)

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