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Jan-27-2007 22:51

Ok, so I'm bored. REALLY REALLY bored.

And since my last efforts to alleviate my boredom were mod-spanked into oblivion faster then Crunchpatty's fly goes up when his woman comes home early (STILL got it in!)...

I've decided to make a post asking the following question:

Who is your Sleuth BFF? (Best Friend Forever)

You get one. No waffling, either.

Who, and why?


Ms Helen
Ms Helen
Con Artist

Jan-28-2007 15:05

LOL Adam knows how to take waffling to heart doesn't he.

OK so i guess he's talking about me. Yay BFFL's rule, especially Yorkie BFFL's like my dear Adam up there.

Oh and if you didn't get it Adam's mine hehe :D

Serges you must have been super duper bored when you did this thread. Now if you'll excuse me all i'm sounding way to happy so i have to go calm down :D:D:D:D


Jan-28-2007 16:24

I have no BFF in Sleuth . . . yet. I guess I'm too freaky. :)


Jan-28-2007 18:50

I am proud to say i have NO BFF in Sleuth..

I like everyone.. and everyone likes me! giggles.. Seriously I dont have a BFF is Sleuth. Shrugs shoulders... Just one of those things I guess.

Old Shoe

Jan-28-2007 22:12

I don't have a bff but I have alot of good friends that make me laugh alot nearly all the time.

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