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Excitement, Adventure, and Really Wild Things await you at H.O.G.
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Jan-15-2007 14:40

The Hitchhikers family is proud to announce the grand opening of H.O.G., its branch in Delhi. "Grand opening, but it's been around for months!" you may say. Well, you're right. However, H.O.G. has finally found its role in the Hitchhiker legacy and for the first time ever is opening its doors to the public.

So what is H.O.G., you may ask? Well, we're not telling you what it stands for. Sorry. Trade secrets and all.

But what it IS is a different story entirely. The Hitchhikers have decided to join the recent wave of "training agencies" that have sprung up in the last few months. H.O.G. will be our training facility for new recruits, who may then be "promoted" to move on to our New York branch, our London branch, or (down the road) maybe even our agency in Shanghai!

To that end, H.O.G. is willing to take on 6 new members as our first "class" of recruits. Subscription to Sleuth is our only requirement to be considered for acceptance to H.O.G. Anyone, any age, any experience, will be approved pending space.

For newbies, use this opportunity to learn how to be a better detective and a better teammate. H.O.G. will be a hunting agency, taking on hunts in order to train recruits in the Hitchhiker method of Treasure Hunting.

H.O.G. will be managed by a collective group of players from our London and New York branch, operating through the detectives currently in the agency. Our goal is to have everyone in our family pitch in to assist and train our newest teammates.

When a vacancy opens in any of our other branches, we will be accepting a graduate from H.O.G. instead of elsewhere from now on, so the ONLY way to become of one of the most prestigous and largest agency groups in all of Sleuthville is to graduate successfully from H.O.G.

For an invitation, please PM Serges or Adam Carter.




Mar-23-2007 10:08

And yes, just ignore the vicious rumors running around about my whip. Totally unfounded, really. Libelous even.

Um..what's that you said about scars? *looks around innocently*

Yes, well. Refer all calls to my counsel of record, Mr. Adam "The Chav" Adams.

Lucky Stiff

Mar-23-2007 11:42

Its actually Adam "Perry Mason" Carter Andrea.

And yes, joining ANY branch of the Hitchhikers will put you under immediate protection by Carter and Longwater, LLC.

I know nothing of said massages, but I dont think I ever received my signon bonus ;)

Adam Carter
Adam Carter
Big Winner

Mar-23-2007 12:26

*An official press release from the Offices of The Hitchhikers: Attorneys At Law*

This is an official release from the desk of Adam "Perry Mason" Carter.

All successful HOG Applicants will receive immediate and full protection courtesy of The Hitchhikers. Also, all new applicants to the Hitchhikers will receive the same protection. All current members can have their policies renewed with immediate effect by contacting either myself or my associate Longwater.

Anybody who is not a current Hitchhiker but would like to benefit from our services please contact us today for a free, no obligation quotation.

Adam "Not a chav" Carter

*End press release*


Mar-27-2007 13:18

Still have room in both HOG for under 100,000 xp, and HH:NY for over 100,000 xp.

HH:NY is rapidly making up ground to become an elite agency in Sleuth, and we need one or 2 more able-bodied people to make it happen.

Sign up today!

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