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Y'all a bunch of Nancies... ;)
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Old Shoe

Jan-15-2007 02:29

K, so (yay herinteractive) as far as I can tell, here's all the sleuths who have used some form of "Nancy Drew" as their login name:

Nancy Drew
Nancy drew #1
nancy drew #2
Nancy Drew (:
Nancy Drew 000
nancy drew 007
Nancy Drew 01
Nancy Drew 1#
Nancy Drew 100
Nancy Drew 101
Nancy Drew 101 9999
Nancy Drew 101 99999
Nancy Drew 102
nancy drew 1093
Nancy Drew 11
Nancy Drew 12
nancy drew 1224
nancy drew 123
nancy drew 12345
Nancy Drew 123456
Nancy Drew 13
Nancy Drew 1313
Nancy Drew 1329
Nancy Drew 14
Nancy Drew 146
Nancy Drew 18
nancy drew 19
nancy drew 198
Nancy Drew 1992
Nancy Drew 1995
Nancy Drew 2000
Nancy Drew 2006
Nancy Drew 217
nancy drew 22
Nancy Drew 232
Nancy Drew 24/7
nancy drew 26-28-24
Nancy Drew 28
Nancy Drew 3
NaNcY DrEw 32
Nancy Drew 321
nancy drew 374
Nancy Drew 4047
Nancy Drew 411
Nancy Drew 4691
Nancy Drew 5
Nancy Drew 55
Nancy Drew 56657
nancy drew 571
Nancy Drew 674
Nancy Drew 675
Nancy Drew 77
Nancy Drew 90
Nancy Drew 9092
Nancy Drew 92
#1 Nancy Drew Fan
#1 Nancy Drew Master
$Nancy Drew$
**Nancy Drew**
*--Nancy Drew--*
*Nancy Drew*
:)Nancy Drew:)
A Turtle named Nancy Drew
Agent Nancy Drew
Agent Nancy Drew 13
Amateur Nancy Drew
Detective Nancy Drew
Detective Nancy Drew Jr.
Drew, Nancy Drew
HannahNancy drew
JaimeNancy Drew
Miss Nancy Drew
Miz.Nancy drew
Mrs Nancy Drew
Mrs. Nancy Drew
Ms Nancy Drew Jr
Ms. Nancy Drew
nzarnainancy drew
Sexy Nancy Drew (if you say so...)
Sexy Nancy Drew
Sophie Nancy Drew
Super Nancy Drew
The Nancy Drew (oh, THE Nancy Drew, ok then)
The new Nancy Drew
The Real Nancy Drew
xxMiss Nancy Drewxx
_Nancy Drew_
~Nancy Drew~
~~<3 nancy drew <3 ~~

Nancy A. Drew
nancy ann drew
Nancy Brew
Nancy C. Drew
Nancy Carolyn Drew
Nancy Carson
nancy carson drew
Nancy Chews (shut up, she does?)
Nancy Christi Drew
Nancy Christie
nancy chu (shut up, she du?)
Nancy Clue


Barry Grant
Barry Grant
Old Shoe

Jan-17-2007 13:19

Nancy Drew is an American teenage amateur detective in fiction. Google-ing her will get you a ton of info.

I can't believe that teenager is 75 years old!

Assistant Postman

Jan-17-2007 13:41

I bet Wikiepedia has a good amount of info (as in quanity, not necessarily quality) on Miss Nancy Drew.

Adam Carter
Adam Carter
Big Winner

Jan-17-2007 14:55

I'm with you Fiddler's Green, we will stick with our Sherlock Holmes' thank you very much.

Dark Raven
Dark Raven
Trusted Informer

Jan-17-2007 18:04

We now know what Crunch does when he runs out of cases...

Old Shoe

Jan-18-2007 01:00

You're too kind, Raven. The fact now know what I do when I've run out of cases AND my virtual fish have been fed AND there's no tequila in the house AND my mom has taken back her tutu.


well now I've got NOTHING to wear...

Lucky Stiff

Jan-18-2007 04:37

its funny that out of all those statements, the one i find MOST disturbing is that you share a tutu with your mom....

its time to cut the cord, my friend :)


Jan-20-2007 15:10

I've never read a Nancy Drew book...
I did, however, read some Babysitter's Club books in 4th grade!

Lucky Stiff

Jan-20-2007 16:46

ooh Pseudo I read ALL of them! I think I still have them all packed away somewhere :)


Jan-20-2007 17:03

They weren't that bad as I recall, biggie. Maybe one day I'll read them all again. :)
Are Nancy Drew books even worth reading? I've never seen one.


Jan-20-2007 17:24

My daughter has a box full of Nancy Drew books amongst the other boxes awaiting her for when she gets older. My parents also saved mine (my mom had them from when she was a kid) so we have some Nancy Drews from the 60's and 70's...hmm, maybe I should see how much they are worth! (:

I used to read anything I could get my hands on (old family friends say they never saw me without a book) so my daughter will have quite a collection.

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