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villian hunt

Assistant Postman

Jan-14-2007 17:26

If I press capture villian and I don't is that considered as a (false accussed).I am trying to capture a villain and I didn't relize that the cases would be impossible and I can do most of them but I have quit quite a few.I was on incrediblly hard and I think I move ahead of myself cause I like the game.I want to quit cause I am losing my mind and low on money.What should I do?


Ranier Peperhaut
Ranier Peperhaut
Washed Up Punter

Jan-14-2007 17:30

"Capturing" a villain will not get you a False Accusation.

As long as you don't accuse wrong on an actual case you are going to be clear of those.

If you try to capture the villain and you are wrong, you will just have a Failed Villain Hunt to haunt you. You may just want to quit though, cause there's the off chance that you might guess right and still not be done your hunt. (I'll msg you that part)

Safety Officer

Jan-14-2007 18:31

lol if you're going to guess and happen to guess right, might as well follow it through and go guess in the next city as well :) roll the dice mate.

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