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# of suspects with an alibi (spoiler)
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Washington Jones
Washington Jones

Jan-3-2007 16:25


I read (on more than one agency page) lists where it says how many suspects and how many of them have an alibi for certain dificulties (ex 8 suspects, 3 withut alibis on hard). Therefore if I foudn 8 bad or no alibis I stopped askign others. This past case I had 3 that were no or ba d(at least I thought), I accused who I thought it was and I was wrong. The guilty party was someone other than the 3 I thought had no alibi. Obvisouly aince I was worng on my guess I couldhave been wrogn in my alibis but Ithink I have seen this before. So anyways, does anyone know if the X suspects, Y alibis equation stillworks?

I'm sure the end problem is my bad sleuthing but knwoing how many no alibis sure helps a lot.




Jan-4-2007 10:47

Since I started playing this game, I have written everything down (and yes, I have killed my fair share of trees because I just refuse to use the helpers).

In all the hundreds of AI cases I've worked, I have NEVER had more than 7 false/no alibis. The ONLY thing thats ever changed for me was the number of real alibis, which has always been 3 for 10 suspects and 4 for 11.

Everyone seems to be getting all nervous, but if ALL but one of us is saying the same thing, I think its gotta be pretty accurate, right?

Ranier Peperhaut
Ranier Peperhaut
Washed Up Punter

Jan-4-2007 13:10

I do tend to think that 7 fakes is still correct. Since I have started looking for only 7 fakes, I've captured another 6 Villains averaging about 45 AI cases each time. That's 270 cases, plus I have to have done at least another 40 or 50 from my normal cases, just trying to gain skills points for those darned faction skills... That makes the equation true for my last 320 cases...

And I'm just one lowly detective!!! My 320 plus everyone else's hundreds of cases... It's got to correct still, or we'd all be retired!

God knows if it was wrong, we'd never believe it and keep solving that way until we all got our 3 FAs.

Jonathan Williams
Jonathan Williams

Jan-4-2007 13:21

Wow, do I feel on my own!

I have had 8 fakes before on AI cases, mostly with a couple of older detectives. It wasn't all the time, but I know I have had them before. I have often been sat in front of a list of 7 right handed suspects and 3 lots of right handed notes.

And that's because I have used research. I definitely remember seeing a few with my latest detective too. It would make sense to have 8 fakes from 11 suspects, as most of my IH favor cases have 8 suspects and 5 fakes, with 4 pieces of evidence.


Jan-4-2007 14:30

You are not totally on your own. I feel like I have seen an 8:3 case as well. Problem is that this is based on my somewhat shoddy memory of a case done a couple hundred cases ago. Unfortunately, I've recycled my notes from that time as I too prefer killing trees and keeping records by hand. Since this topic got mentioned on the boards a while back, I've been keeping more accurate track and have not seen an 8:3 case since. So I'm going with poor memory on my part. However, in the off chance someone runs across such a case, take lots of screenshots. The screenshot of a case with 5 WE certainly opened eyes.


Jan-5-2007 11:57

every single difficulty has a constant nmber of fakes EXCEPT intermediate and hard cases , they both can have 3 or 4 fakes , depends on ur luk :P


Jan-5-2007 11:59

well , noone should actually get nervous , just play as u think is right , 7 fake 4 real for 11 suspects in AI's, secure the fact that u have 0 or 1 FA and alls ok , theres always a first time ;)

Will Carbon
Will Carbon

Oct-3-2007 16:02

ok, can some of you experts stop talking in code and tell us what
AI and IH mean

and any others that spring to mind as well please.

y. s.
*baffled newbie*


Safety Officer

Oct-3-2007 16:45


AI = Almost Impossible Case
IH = Incredibly Hard Case

etc., etc., etc.

etc. = et cetera (and so on)

AV = Arch Villain or AVH = Arch Villain Hunt


LCN = Las Cosa Nostra
ET = Eastern Triads

etc. (see above)


PE = Physical Evidence
WE = Witness Evidence


FA = False Accusation

Pinball Amateur

Oct-3-2007 17:01

FA can also mean False Alibi, depending on the situation it's being used in.

NA (N/A) = No Alibi (ie.- You'll get a message from your suspect that says something to the effect of "Not that it's any of your business, but I don't have an alibi."

FA (F/A False Alibi) = NA (No Alibi)

RA (R/A) = Real/Valid Alibi

AVL = Arch Villain League (an offsite page, associated with Sleuth, dealing with Arch Villain Hunts)

OOS, OoS, OS = Order of Socrates
GH = Green Hand
DAB = Dies Arcanum Brotherhood
COL, CoL = Circle of Light (generally does NOT mean Colonel around here)

FT = Fortune Teller
MT = Music Teacher

Anything I'm forgetting?? ;-)

Pinball Amateur

Oct-3-2007 17:04

Oh yeah....

RH = Really Hard case
RRH = Really Really Hard case
SH = Stupendously Hard case
RidH = Ridculously Hard case

There's prob'ly more, but there ya go. ;-)

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