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Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin
Tale Spinner

Dec-29-2006 12:01

Look at that, an on-time launch for a change!

Apartments are now available in the following cities:

New York

To purchase an apartment visit the real estate agency in the city you want to buy in. Apartments are quite expensive, and furnishing them is also costly, so you probably should wait if your short on funds.

There are two types of furniture that aren't yet working:

1) Study Furniture / Case File storage: These items will allow you to save case files, as in detective agencies, but this functionality is not yet finished.

2) Bookshelves: Bookshelves will eventually allow your guests to read books that you have collected (and gain the experience from doing so), but these are also currently incomplete.



Bella Sterling
Bella Sterling
Old Shoe

Mar-1-2008 11:07

A few questions I haven't seen answered on this thread:

1) What is the Move button for in my apt?

2) If I want to upgrade to a larger apt., does my furniture/cases files/items move to the new apt?

3) How much exactly does it cost to upgrade? Does the price of the existing apt. come off the price of the new one? Exactly how does this all work? :) I'm a bit confused... LOL

David Adams
David Adams

Mar-1-2008 12:35

The 'Move' button is just that--it lets you move your apartment to a new city, or upgrade/downgrade to a new one. You can also just sell off the apartment you've currently got here.

According to the instructions under the Move area, if you move to a new city or upgrade to a new apartment, yes, all furniture, case items, items in any furniture, and message boards remain as they are when you move. If you downgrade though (move to a smaller place), you'll need to have empty rooms for each room that won't be there in your new place.

I have no idea if the prices are different for different cities or for different sizes of apartments, but to move a two-bedroom apartment to any other city in Sleuth (London, Shanghai, or Delhi) costs $35,000. To upgrade/downgrade a two-bedroom costs the following:

To go to a One-Bedroom: $60,000
To go to a Three-Bedroom: $360,000
To go to a Four-Bedroom: $860,000

Again, prices for different sizes and cities are probably different, but you'll at least have an idea of what you're looking at. :-)


Mar-27-2008 22:03

hi all, i was wondering, if i bought an apartment while i'm subscribe & my subscription ends, what will happen to the items or case that i store in my apartment?

Thanks for reading my post.


Pinball Amateur

Mar-27-2008 22:38

I believe if I remember correctly from one of Ben's posts on this, you can still use the stuff, and sell off anything you want to, you just can't add anything new to it. I may very well be wrong though. Guys??

Safety Officer

Mar-27-2008 23:53

Kathryn Gumshoe the 7th
Jun-7-2007 11:33

I'm sorry if this question has been asked before, but if you are subscribed when you buy an apartment, and your subscription runs out, can you keep your apartment?

Sleuth Admin
Jun-7-2007 11:46

That was changed, as some apartment owners said they did not understand that to be the case when they purchased their apartments.

You now can access your apartment after your subscription expires, but you are not able to move, invite guests, buy/sell furniture or redecorate. You still can access any gear or cases stored in your apartment.

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