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Old Shoe

Nov-24-2006 14:25
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At risk of repeating myself:

You cannot form or join ANY agency at all unless you have paid for a game subscription.

In other words, YES, you have to "be subscribed", "buy a membership", "sign up" or whatever other combination of words you would prefer to use to mean "pay money for premium content".

You can find out how to do this here:

This is a game rule, and not one made or enforced by agency directors, so asking nicely (while very sweet) won't help, no matter how eager you are or how much you love the game.

I promise, you'll like it even more with a subscription! So first get one, THEN start asking if you can join a particular agency. There's always lots of people looking for new talent - but no-one's interested in you until you subscribe.

Happy Sleuthing!



Dec-26-2011 22:23

well the unsubscribed detectives could play 12 games per day too, now, would it really hurt your benefits?

like playing 3 days or so to get a skill point? just 1 point?

you know, this is a beautiful site, this game is very fun to play and I really do appreciate the fact that you might have not introduced us unsubscribed detectives the chance to play, even.

But this, I guess, doesn't really have much to do with you maintaining the site as I had been a member of a text adventure site (Ishar- a rpg) that required no subscription to benefit the site to its fullest potential. I think its being a total text adventure means that the site needs little space in the net to run the game and maybe that's not the case with you?

I just wanted to point out that subscription bears lots of benefits anyway.
But the skill/number of game ratio makes it gradually boring for unsubscribed detecetives. So ok, let us not get in agencies, do treasure hunts, capture archvillans, have more than 2 contacts in a city and not even be able to travel elsewhere, but is it really that hard to allow us play more games per day?

for instance 8 if not 12?

I don't mean to be rude or anything. These are my opinons and suggestions, here. Thanks for reading.

Roy Rockford
Roy Rockford

Mar-23-2013 18:38

exp detective, new character. looking for agency

luc pfeiffer
luc pfeiffer

Mar-24-2013 05:20

You need to post this as a new thread so others know about you. As it is, only the people who like scanning posts will see you inquiry. L

Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

Jun-24-2013 15:29

LOL so much for that Luc, he's "retired" now.

Asking Sleuth Admin
Asking Sleuth Admin

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