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Movie Title!
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Nov-11-2006 13:23

You pick a movie title and put "in my pants" after it.

ex: Curious George in my pants



Dec-6-2007 02:40

I know what you did last summer in my pants....

Jesse Hunter
Jesse Hunter
Pinball Pro

Dec-7-2007 21:09

How has this one been missed?

Monster's Ball in my Pants.


Dec-7-2007 21:53

Mars attacks in my pants....

Old Shoe

Dec-8-2007 00:37

No-one cares what monsters do in your pants, Kevin :)

A low down dirty shame in my pants.

Farm A Sea
Farm A Sea
Old Shoe

Dec-11-2007 20:38

Alvin and the Chipmonks in my pants


Dec-12-2007 11:10

Psycho in my pants

What dreams may come in my pants

The cook, the thief, his wife and her lover in my pants

What's eating Gilbert Grape in my pants

A history of violence in my pants

The devil's rejects in my pants

Original sin in my pants

The wiz in my pants

The black hole in my pants

Kevin Greene
Kevin Greene

Dec-13-2007 22:50

Oh know! I have a competitor! Evil fae! ;-) I WILL be king of this thread! :-)

The Wizard of Oz in my pants!

Ice Age in my pants!

Brass Balls in my pants!

God's Smuggler in my pants!

Harriet the Spy in my pants!

Murder She Wrote in my pants!

Love Will Come To Those Who Ask It To in my pants!

No More Baths in my pants!

Follow Me, Boys, in my pants!

Murder Happens in my pants!

Home Alone in my pants!

Wishing my Wishes in my pants!

Evan Almighty in my pants!

The Sound of Music in my pants!

:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

Where is my crown? :--)


Dec-15-2007 16:31

haha, i will come back with more, That WAS good, though!


Dec-15-2007 16:57

alright, here ya go.

Bee season in my pants (ouch)

2001 maniacs in my pants

Capote in my pants (ewww)

V is for vendetta in my pants

Jurassic Park in my pants

Freedomland in my pants

Rocky Horror Picture Show in my pants

The good son in my pants

Poltergeist in my pants

Scream and scream again in my pants (oh yeah, vincent price!!)

The life of David Gale in my pants

American beauty in my pants

American pie in my pants

Was that good enough? :-)

Kevin Greene
Kevin Greene

Dec-15-2007 19:41

I'm gonna keep on trying! This is like the big Sleuth duel! :-)

Remember, you can use songs, movies, TV shows, games, etc.

Midtown Madness in my pants!

Meet the Fockers in my pants!

The Flintstones in my pants!

House in my pants!

Dexter's Lab in my pants!

Aliens Attack in my pants!

I have to go now. I'll come back to claim my kingship when I can. :-) :-) :-) :-)

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