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Detective Biography

Fae was not originally from "The Big Apple", she was from "down south". She had lived there all of her life. She had had a wonderful husband, a perfect son, and all the trimmings. Had it until for some reason, she attracted the attentions of the serial killer only known as "the man in black".
This sadistic killer had brutally murdered her family, after an unsuccessful attempt by the local police at finding the person responsible for leaving her threatening messages on her front door. She also received a few calls in the middle of the night, with no response when she would answer. She felt like she was not being taken very seriously, so she began trying to find out who was bothering her, on her own.
One day, her husband was taking her son to the park and the car blew up, with both of them inside. Fae was heartbroken. She felt like it was her fault for not solving the case sooner. With the small amount of money that her husband had left her, she followed a trail that she felt would lead to the killer.
The trail eventually took her to New York. Her money was now almost gone, having trekked across the country, so she began to take on some unsolved cases, using the skills she had developed, to help out acquaintances along the way. She managed to get her Private Investigators license and the money she earns doing detective work helps to fund her promise that she has vowed to fulfill... to find "the man in black". She knows that he is out there. She still gets messages occasionally, but he is more careful now, because she is hot on his trail.


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The Mysterious Affair at Styles
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