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Movie Title!
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Nov-11-2006 13:23

You pick a movie title and put "in my pants" after it.

ex: Curious George in my pants


Rocky Polinski
Rocky Polinski

Aug-1-2007 14:49

I Know What You Did Last Summer in my pants

Rocky Polinski
Rocky Polinski

Aug-1-2007 14:57

Oh crap that was taken. XD I should probably read through these before posting, huh?

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure in my pants
Contact in my pants
Secret Window in my pants
8 Crazy Nights in my pants
Treasure Planet in my pants

Henry Walker
Henry Walker

Aug-16-2007 15:11

Emma in my pants...sorry if it's on.

Marie Antionette in my pants
Girl with a Pearl Earring in my pants
Cinderella in my pants

Sorry if any of these are on.

Dan Morihiko
Dan Morihiko

Aug-20-2007 11:17

Godzilla in my pants
King Kong in my pants
Gremlins in my pants
The days after tomorrow in my pants
Godfather in my pants
Enter the Dragon in my pants
Alien in my pants
Predator in my pants
Terminator in my pants
Home Alone in my pants
Superman Return in my pants
Batman Begins in my pants
Saving Private Ryan in my pants

Dan Morihiko
Dan Morihiko

Aug-20-2007 11:28

and ...ahem
Big in my pants
Look who's talking in my pants
With honors in my pants
Something stupid in my pants

Old Shoe

Aug-21-2007 00:36

Again, I must renew my request that the rules of the 'in my pants' game be expanded to include song titles...

Tiny Dancer in my pants
Yellow in my pants
Forever Young in my pants (okay, that one goes both does Rod Stewart, no?)
The Bad Touch in my pants
Jailhouse Rock in my pants
Milkshake in my pants
Papa Don't Preach in my pants
I'm Afraid of Britney Spears in my pants

You feel me yet?

Gopher to the Sleuth Gods

Aug-23-2007 08:49

Field of Dreams in my pants
(i should get a prize for that one)

Sleuth About Town

Aug-23-2007 16:32

Treasure of the Sierra Madre in my pants.
( it seems to make people laugh hysterically when they find it).

Sleuth About Town

Aug-23-2007 16:33

It Could Happen to You in my pants

Sleuth About Town

Aug-23-2007 16:35

Rawhide in my pants.

though i can't remember if that was just a show or movie too. DUH!

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