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Arch Villain League
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Oct-3-2006 12:26

Registration is NOW being accepted for the October 10th beta test of the Dart Leagues in the AVL ("Arch Villain League").

I need 36 volunteers total to test everything, with the following stipulations:

2 sets of 6 detectives from the same agency (6 Hitchhikers & 6 Sirens, for example)

4 sets of 3 detectives from the same agency (3 Omega, 3 Blood & Dagger, 3 Fat Kitten, 3 SMRT Investigations, for example)

2 sets of 3-man teams regardless of agency affiliation

6 testers who will be teamed up at random.

If you are interested in learning about the AVL or becoming a Beta-Tester, please go to:

for more information.

If you have already talked to me about being a beta-tester, please PM me for your favlidation code.



Oct-20-2006 12:12


The winner's round of the first AVL beta will begin in 7 days, or Oct. 27th, at midnight server time.

The teams that are competing are:

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly vs. The Villain Squad in the Inter-agency division

Squirrel's Nuts vs. Wolf Pack in the open division

If anyone has any questions about the winner's match, please PM me.

Also, the next wave will be starting in a few weeks, after some revamping and expanding happens with the AVL site. I will update this thread as the time gets closer for anyone who is interested in getting involved in this "gamma" test.

Don't forget to register on the AVL site if you haven't done so!

Sleuthgirl Ciara
Sleuthgirl Ciara

Oct-23-2006 21:49

this sounds so fun! can i do it? I have 12 skill points ican spend?


Oct-23-2006 22:35

Unfortunately, Ciara, the AVL is a competition set up around the recent Arch Villain addition to Sleuth. As of right now the only way to attempt an Arch Villain Hunt is to be a subscribed detective with over 100,000 xp. Please be sure to check us out when you subscribe and gain some more experience though!

*** 4 days to the winner's round ***


Oct-26-2006 13:02


Winner's round is scheduled to start at the next server flip, so anyone competing is reminded to finish any hunt they are currently in and prepare for the next one.

PLEASE NOTE: there are 2 rule changes being implemented as of this round of competition:

1) Teams will NO LONGER automatically lose if a member fails a hunt. Now, victory is determined by the team with the fewest failures, then by points, then by first to capture a villain.

2) The points system has changed slightly. Instead of the 2x/3x multipliers for finishing on the same day, it now works as follows:
The 2nd person to finish on a certain day receives the next day's points as well.
The 3rd person to finish on a certain day receives the next 2 day's points as well.

For example:
Jack Daniels finishes his hunt on day 4, which is worth 11 points.
Jim Beam also finishes on day 4, which is worth 20 points (11+9).
Johnny Walker also finishes on day 4, which is worth 27 points (11+9+7).

Note that this point system WILL work for negative points as well, so some strategy needs to come into play should a team get into that situation.

I will be in chat most of the day ( as I work on some more AVL features, so if you have any questions, talk to me there or PM me.


Oct-26-2006 18:50

What can I say?

Let's get ready to rumble.

Story Teller

Oct-26-2006 19:18

lol hell I'd just worked out the last point scoring system... :)

'Bring it' X...


Oct-27-2006 00:07

The winner's round is now LIVE. Good luck to the 4 teams battling for supremacy in their division!

Oh, and there will be prizes to the winners.............. :)

R Anstett
R Anstett

Nov-1-2006 09:31

Congrats to Squirrel's Nuts for the win in the final AVL hunt.


Nov-2-2006 04:51

With the winner's matches drawing to a close, I think it's safe to say that the AVL betatest was an overall success.

That being said, it's time to begin thinking ahead, to... that's right... the GAMMA test.

There's only one problem... I really don't know what to work on before gamma goes live.

Here is a list of things that I hope will be ready for gamma:
Grudge Matches
the AVL wagering system
improved player control over the AVDL (creating matches, teams, etc.)
match message boards
improved navigation across the AVL site

Now, here's what I need. I need all current beta-testers to PM me (within the AVL site please) with their feedback so far. What do you like? What do you hate? What would you like to see added? What needs to be revamped? etc.

I am also considering taking on 1-2 additional AVL administrators, mostly to help Logan and I shape the current and future direction of this whole thing. I am looking for active, creative, dedicated people for this, so PM me if you're interested in applying.

The potential rollout for the AVL Gamma Test is Dec. 1st. I will announce when registration is open for those of you who are not currently listed as beta-testers.

One more thing... it has been an unwritten rule so far, but...
YOU MUST BE A SUBSCRIBED DETECTIVE WITH OVER 100,000 EXPERIENCE TO JOIN THE AVL. These are Sleuth's requirements, not the AVL's, to complete a Villain Hunt.

As always, any questions, comments, etc... you know where to find me.

Safety Officer

Nov-2-2006 05:14

I would just like to say a HUGE thank you to Serges for all his hard work sorting this AVL buso out and making it so bloody ... well... good!! This seems to be nothing more than a labour of love on his behalf, and to me that speaks a thousandfold as to what kind of guy he is. Ok enough of the warm fuzzies, I'm sure others can do it better than I.

Just thanks Serges!

And on a personal note "Go nuts"! & "In your face X!" :D

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