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Arch Villain League
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Oct-3-2006 12:26

Registration is NOW being accepted for the October 10th beta test of the Dart Leagues in the AVL ("Arch Villain League").

I need 36 volunteers total to test everything, with the following stipulations:

2 sets of 6 detectives from the same agency (6 Hitchhikers & 6 Sirens, for example)

4 sets of 3 detectives from the same agency (3 Omega, 3 Blood & Dagger, 3 Fat Kitten, 3 SMRT Investigations, for example)

2 sets of 3-man teams regardless of agency affiliation

6 testers who will be teamed up at random.

If you are interested in learning about the AVL or becoming a Beta-Tester, please go to:

for more information.

If you have already talked to me about being a beta-tester, please PM me for your favlidation code.



Oct-17-2006 13:04

I have the (un)official results of the first round of matches in the AVL!

In the Inter-agency Division:
The Villain Squad def. Blood & Dagger 34-DQ
The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly def. The Admins 26-16 (This result not official, but the victory is mathematically guaranteed)

In the Open Division:
Squirrel's Nuts def. The Tuesday Night Club 54-54 (Secret_Squirrel first to capture)
Wolf Pack def. River Rats 40-DQ

So now the question is, do we do a "winner's match" in each division? The matches would be:
The Villain Squad vs. The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly
Squirrel's Nuts vs. Wolf Pack

If we do a winner's match I would like to start them in 10 days, or Oct. 27th. This gives everyone enough time to check out the new expansion stuff and build up their resources for another AV hunt.

Please let me know your thoughts on these ideas.

Safety Officer

Oct-17-2006 17:25

I wouldn't mind this, lol it would depend on my team mates. There's also a certain element of fear going up against Miss X.

Also I wouldn't mind seeing a rule change to eliminate double and triple points
so that people solve as soon as they can. Kagome was finished her AVL after 2 days and waited 3 days for me. That seemed like a bit of waste of time for her.

Ultimately the double triple pts method will lead to more draws (I think). And therefore the tie-breaker (if it had been needed) would have been fairer if it had been based on Kagome finishing after two days rather than me finishing after 5, where technically I was really the 'last' to finish in our team.

But I think it was a good match, and definitely want to another one some time.


Oct-17-2006 17:50

Yes! Yes! Yes!

I am in on this...and have no fear SS, I'll go easy on you. Well....not really, but it should be fun anyways!

Lucky Stiff

Oct-18-2006 04:13

*wonders how long it will be before there's a new one...*


Oct-18-2006 04:49

Keep forgetting about the evaluation with all the other things going on these days.

It was lots of fun, and made you feel a little less isolated while hunting for your villain.

I agree that the double-triple bonus points will possibly result in quite a bit of waiting where one person could potentially sit for days without being able to do any else but wait for the others to finish because the advantage to getting the extra points is so big.

Also I wonder why a tie is based on which team has the first person to finish and not which team has all it's members finish first? And no this has nothing to do with us losing to the nutty squirrels and that it reeks of nepotism ;p - I'm fine with that, really I am - *cough cough* - honestly I am :D - it somehow just makes more sense with it being the entire team since it's a team based contest - or maybe not.

There's also a little bug in your score system (unless I misunderstood something) as our team was not given points in the order we finished, but in the order we were listed as a team. Again I don't care who got which points, just wanted to point out the discrepancy :)

Overall it's an excellent idea :)


Oct-18-2006 04:53

Ahh, I knew there was one more thing, just couldn't remember.
I would like to have a link from our log-in page at the AVL back to the front page of the AVL site. Haven't found one so far and had to reenter the sit each time I wanted to go back and check something on the front page :)

Safety Officer

Oct-18-2006 05:12

LOL That's what I like to see grace in defeat :)


Oct-18-2006 12:16


There is a "bug" of sorts with the way the multipliers are applied, you are correct. It was much easier to write the code in that manner and ultimately *where* the multipliers go will have no bearing on either personal or team success in any way. I may "fix" it, but its pretty low priority.

There isn't a link back to the front page yet, but the AVL navigation will be revamped in the coming days to include one.

The current tiebreaker rewards the team who catches the FIRST villain. This way the tiebreaker is easy to track, both for Admin and players. As for nepotism... c'mon. :)

There has been some discussion about the multipliers in general. Logan and I have talked about this and agreed that the multipliers are a necessary part of this league; they are one of the only things that truly makes the AVDL a TEAM competition. Yes, that will undoubtedly result in more ties, but since *time* isn't a factor (tiebreaker notwithstanding) in scoring points, there are going to be ties regardless. And yes, that means that team members may be stuck "waiting" for a few days, but it is their choice to do so for the good of the team. Also, there may be fewer multipliers when we start rewarding experience points, which will be based in part on how quickly you catch a villain.

For those who think this league should award points based on *time* instead of *number of days*, the Arch Villain Racing League ("VASCAR") will do exactly that.

Pinball Amateur

Oct-18-2006 13:42

(Whoa...Head spinning in massive confusion over this whole points, time, and placement thing....)


Oct-20-2006 12:12


The winner's round of the first AVL beta will begin in 7 days, or Oct. 27th, at midnight server time.

The teams that are competing are:

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly vs. The Villain Squad in the Inter-agency division

Squirrel's Nuts vs. Wolf Pack in the open division

If anyone has any questions about the winner's match, please PM me.

Also, the next wave will be starting in a few weeks, after some revamping and expanding happens with the AVL site. I will update this thread as the time gets closer for anyone who is interested in getting involved in this "gamma" test.

Don't forget to register on the AVL site if you haven't done so!

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