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Agent Andrew
Agent Andrew

Sep-16-2006 02:29

Simple: One person asks a question, the next one answers it. Then the second person asks another, and the third answers that, ex-cetera so on and so for forever.


Guy-01: "How old are you?"
Girl-O2: 16. "Why'd you choose your Sleuth name?"
Human-o3: "Because I'm the third human to be an example on here. What grad are you in?"
...and so on...

Where are you from?


Trusted Informer

Mar-1-2013 10:22

Right :P Most of the time anyway.

Do you have penguins as pets?

Pinball Amateur

Mar-1-2013 22:07

Are you kidding?? The cat would go bananas at the tuxedo-fest in her water-bowl. (And I've never been a big fan of dead birds at the foot of my bed. 'Specially three-foot tall flightless, cute-as-a-button ones before they met the cat. ;-)

Did you ever wonder how people got the whole 'penguins on the wrong pole' myth thing going?? And how the heck can a polar bear possibly eat a penguin, anyway?? Wouldn't they get terminal sunburn from the swim first?? ;-D


David Adams
David Adams

Mar-5-2013 00:42

Even I'm not sure I get where that one came from, Brie.

But, for the sake of argument...

I suppose penguins and polar bears ended up on the wrong poles because people weren't too clear about global geography for a long time, especially at the ends of the world, so to speak. Then again, maybe we should just blame Coca-Cola. *wink* :-)

I would think polar bears could eat penguins quite easily, if they could get in the same vicinity as them. And since they have white fur, they don't have to worry much about sunburn. (I'm scratching my head the most at that last one, by the way.)

Anyway, on to a new topic.

What's your favorite animal to see at a zoo?


Peter O'Neil
Peter O'Neil
Old Shoe

Mar-6-2013 19:00

I'm partial to big, furry cats. Especially the lions. But only if they have some room to roam. Caging them is simply cruel.

Sticking to the zoo, what's your favorite bird?

Pinball Amateur

Mar-8-2013 00:24

(There's a reason why I like this guy. ;-D )

Always been a fan of hummingbirds and eagles, for some reason. (I know, diametrically opposed species there, but there ya have it. ;-)

How bout your favorite water-living critter?? ;-)


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