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Corrupt A Wish
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Bill Oakes
Bill Oakes

Sep-15-2006 02:30

This is a very simple and fun game. The first person makes a wish, and each following person finds some way to corrupt the wish and then makes a new wish. For example:

Person 1. I wish I had a dog

Person 2. You have a dog, but it dies the day after you get it

I wish I had a muffin

Person 3: You get a muffin, but you drop it and have to throw it away.

And so on.

Your firt wish to corrupt is this:

I wish I had a new car.


David Adams
David Adams

Dec-23-2008 13:52

"The paint goes well with what you've got on." Dave joked. After shooting him a glare, the fairy god mother and Dave sit on the house's steps, waiting for Ace to finish. "Wow" he says, "this brush must be magic."
"Of course it's magic" the fairy god mother snaps back. "You think I want to wait all day for you to get that done. I still have to get you out and about so everyone in Sleuth can admire your stunning get-up. And I don't have all day!"

So after about a half an hour, Ace finishes the painting. They make their way to Maria's place and the Tricky Mister. Every girl they meet gawks at Ace and every man lets a wolf whistle loose. It even makes the town paper. Peachy. Clift only had to worry about keeping a lid on the people in his agency. No one is ever going to let Ace forget this one.

He arrives home at 2:30 am and like a neat person, puts his outfit away in the closet for the next time he'll need it. He goes to sleep and wakes up to find that his avatar on the computer now has him in ... yep, it's a gorilla suit. With hip waders. Nuts. Another day, another case, another banana.

I wish for a nice big fudge cake to belt the fairy godmother with.


Dec-23-2008 21:09

Poof! The fairy godmother poops up while David Adams is in the shower

"Hey!!!" Dave yells.
"So, you want a fudge cake? A big fudge cake? And you want to hit me with it???" The godmother pauses for a moment, then looks up and says, "Nice buns! Lots of cinnamon, I see." Dave growls at that.
"Yes, I wanted a cake. Now more than ever."
"Well, poof, there you go."

The fairy godmother drops a 4 ton cake on top of Dave.
"Remember, you did say, and I quote, ' I wish for a nice BIG fudge cake'." The fairy tells Dave as he gasps for air.

"Well, I'm a-waiting. Hit me with it!"

I wish I had a thousand rolls of duct tape so I could take them all and stick them together to make a real "8th wonder of the world!". ;-)

luc pfeiffer
luc pfeiffer

Dec-26-2008 11:25

In honor of Christmas, here goes:

Santa Claus is crossing over Manhattan on his way back to the North Pole and drops your present off, or should I say out of, the sleigh. Yep, one thousand rolls of duct tape (in cases) rain on your house and fence from above. They flatten it instantly. (The fairy godmother is NOT going to be pleased. You couldn't even keep that fence up three days!) So you stand in the wreckage of your house and salvage what you can. Unfortunately, the only thing you can salvage is, yes, your tutu. (Fortunately, the bird flew off three days ago so he wasn't in there.)

As you stand in the middle of your yard surveying all that you own, an idea hits you. You got it!!! You'll rebuild your house out of ... (wait for it) DUCT TAPE!!!! And so you begin busily unrolling roll after roll after roll and fashioning the walls, floors and ceiling for your new house out of the cheese whiz of the building world. You get the house built and realize, you can actually wallpaper your house (or paint)!! After all, Santa isn't just a grey kind of personality. He sent you blue duct tape, and green duct tape, and orange duct tape, and ... need I go on?

So you cover (or paint) the walls of your house with all sorts of pretty colors. Boy, does that look spiffy; and the neighbors are finally starting to peek out of their blinds at you. Wonder what they think, but no matter.

Then you realize you built no closets or bathrooms. Nuts. Ok well you can suspend your marvelous tutu from the top of one of the windows. Not only does it function as shears, but you can display your pride and joy for the whole world to see. But the bathroom. Hmmmm.

That's it!! You'll use all those posts the fairy godmother gave you to build the outhouse of your dreams. Two rooms, nice bench, door with a moon on it, little perch for the black widows to hide out on so you don't get a nasty shock in the middle of the night... Your life is COMPLETE!!!


luc pfeiffer
luc pfeiffer

Dec-26-2008 11:28

I wish Breit could fix her bird Tidbit's elocution problems so he no longer calls me a 'remolting dirtbag'. Even being a revolting dirtbag would be better.

Lucky Stiff

Dec-27-2008 09:20

You blink and the world seems to shimmer slightly. Did you imagine that? Wait, what are you asking me for, how would I know what you imagined? *Rolls eyes*

So you're wandering about aimlessly, humming boy band tunes to yourself rather out of key, when you see Breit taking her bird Tidbit for a walk. "Wow, can't that bird fly, why does it need to be taken for a walk?" you think to yourself. Now, brace yourself, it looks like Tidbit has seen you and is about to give you his traditional greeting. Resisting the urge to stick your fingers in your ears and run away screaming like a girl, you smile and Breit and bird.

Breit grins back brightly and tells you that she took Tidbit to elocution lessons and he can now say "revolting" properly, he can even say "the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plains" in a posh English accent. Ok, you wait to hear what Tidbit calls you today.


Well, Breit did manage to fix Tidbit's elocution problems, but it seems he LIKES to call you a remolthing dirtbag. Oh well.

I wish I wouldn't have so many freaky dreams when I'm stressed.


Dec-29-2008 00:03

The world crashes as though it was an earthquake. You grab around for something to hold on to, but you can't, and you fall flat on your back in your kitchen. Dishes and glasses fly out of the cupboards, smashing all around you. The windows start crumbling, and just when you thought that the world was coming to an end... it stopped.

I guess your wish came true!

But, there's only one way to find out: You must become stressed and then go to sleep. But, how to become stressed...

Then, you've got it. You grab your pet poohuahua (poodle/chihuahua mix), Fifigurl, and throw her outside. She's confused, but not for long. You hop in your car, throw it in reverse, and back up right over the poor doggie-woggie.

You scream, as you pick up your now-stricken Fifigurl and throw her in the car. You speed off to the vet, where they will perform a 5 hour surgery to put her back together.

You quickly race back home and go to bed, making sure you are stressed over Fifigurl's surgery, and you sleep a dreamless sleep.

Looks like it worked! Was it worth it?

I wish I was a pink ball with a little pink bow. ;-)

Lucky Stiff

Dec-29-2008 05:11

... Ping!!! ...

Well, apart from hearing a slightly pleasantly jingly sound, nothing much seemed to happen. What happened to your wish? Is today the day that the Corrupt-A-Wish monopoly ends?

Oh, wait.

Ahhh, ok. Now you realise that your perspective has changed slightly and you are looking at a well-bandaged poohuahua called Fifigurl, from toenail height. And that's with you on your tiptoes. Quickly you run over to the nearest puddle and peer in and, lo and behold, you are a pink ball with a little pink bow! Hooray! (Corruptible wishes everywhere rejoice!)

But then you notice something over your shoulder. Hmmm, it looks like a very angry poohuahua. I guess dogs aren't as stupid as they look. You open your mouth to screa... oh, you don't have a mouth since you are a pink ball with a little pink bow.

Never mind, you have other things to worry about now as Fifigurl grabs you in her mouth and proceeds to shake you about so hard that it feels like your bow will fall off any second. And gee, she has bad breath! SOMEONE hasn't been brushing her teeth...

*15 minutes later*

Fifigurl is now getting a bit dizzy from shaking you around so much. (Words can't express how YOU feel). Satisfied that she's gotten her revenge she spits you out onto the pavement. Dazed, you roll and roll.... right through a drain cover.

On quiet nights, people walking by will swear that they can hear a sad lonely wailing...

I wish this chair was more comfortable.

Safety Officer

Dec-29-2008 07:06

*poof* your chair is SO comfortable. Ok maybe a little too comfortable. Really you can't do without it. And, when you take it on the train with you and start whispering lowly to it, well people start to talk. When your parents ask you what;s going on, you announce to them proudly, Graeme and I are to be wed! Graeme? Your father asks. You'd move uncomfortably in your seat, if it wasn't for the fact Graeme was SO comfortable. You smile wanly at your parents and bravely describe Graeme's many fine attributes, his strong arms and sturdy legs, his straight back and most importantly of all his delightful seat... at that point your father falls off Susan (Graeme's cousin the settee) and all is lost. He told you no-one would understand... still there's always the tickets to Sweden in your coat pocket and the wistful plans to open an Ikea outlet together...

I wish the cat wasn't trying to help me type.

Lucky Stiff

Dec-29-2008 07:50

A chair called Graeme? Sheesh, get real... ;)

The cat stalks in a huff and goes to help you wash the dishes instead. Unfortunately he's even worse at that than he is at typing. Hope you've got home contents insurance...

I wish for a miracle.

David Adams
David Adams

Dec-29-2008 13:04

Uh Top, any kind of miracle you prefer? Or will just any old miracle work?

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