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Corrupt A Wish
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Bill Oakes
Bill Oakes

Sep-15-2006 02:30

This is a very simple and fun game. The first person makes a wish, and each following person finds some way to corrupt the wish and then makes a new wish. For example:

Person 1. I wish I had a dog

Person 2. You have a dog, but it dies the day after you get it

I wish I had a muffin

Person 3: You get a muffin, but you drop it and have to throw it away.

And so on.

Your firt wish to corrupt is this:

I wish I had a new car.



Nov-27-2007 02:15

And so, Meteor now has a brand new pair of Hello Kitty plastic scissors... unfortunatly, they are alive! Instead of cutting anything at all, the scissors since Baby Beluga and Yellow Submarine for you all day and night.

I wish my cubemate was back to work :(

Kevin Greene
Kevin Greene
Old Shoe

Nov-27-2007 16:40

Doing all the work, hey Alle? Well, wish granted. Unfortunatly, your cubemate is the boss's nephew, and esentially invinsible to firing. So, while you sit in the cubicle, working your little sexy butt off, he sits there pigging out on Tuna Cassarole, and taunting you about fishing and beer.

Good wish! :-)

I wish my life was more exciting, so I went somewhere everyday, providing it wasn't freakily dangerous like rock-climbing, bungee-jumping, parachuting, or hunting with Dick Cheney.

I like to make it hard. :-)


Nov-28-2007 00:49

ohhh nice challege! en garde!

Alas, you have a new spice to your life that is none too dangerious... In the blink of an eye, you are now 90 years old, and your idea of daily excitement is knitting with a multicolored yarn, days when your regular, and the most sleuthing you can handle is an episode of Matlock, that you only watch 1/2 way through before you nap. Now you have terrible arthiritis and cannot slueth, try to get your nurse to do it for you, but your memory fails and you are unable to complete the simplest cases.

I wish I was trilingual. (did I spell that right?)

Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Nov-28-2007 23:10

You are indeed trilingual. Unfortunately, you are also mute.

Whenever you want to prove to a passer-by that you are trilingual, you have to quickly get out your pad and write down the same sentence in three different languages and pray to God that they do not think you are insane.

I wish my Siamese cat spoke to me once in a while. (I know what I am risking here so bring it on!)

Old Shoe

Nov-30-2007 01:51

oh honey, you have no idea what you're risking :)

Kitty speaks. Or, more accurately kitty writes. In Spanish, English and some Scandinavian language you don't know but MAN are those oomlaut's pointy! On each and every one of your pads. So now, all your underwear are ruined with cat-claw scratches and torn-up bits of subscription info from magazines with names like 'Cat Fancier', 'So You're a Woman Now', and 'Secrets from Aunt Flo'. Couple invites from Oprah, too and one you aren't even gonna dignify with a response from the producers of some show called "When Animals Attack: Uncensored".

I wish Violet's Siamese kept a video diary on YouTube.

(Sorry for picking on you Vi; it was just sort of sitting there)

Meteor Roger
Meteor Roger

Dec-2-2007 18:40

Violet's Siamese has a new account on YouTube! One day the new user gets millions of hits and becomes a YouTube celebrity! But one day many of the videos get taken down because of violations of certain rules and eventually the account gets taken down by the corrupt YouTube staff.

I wish I could be FIRIN' MAH LAZER!!!!111! at the next poster.


Dec-3-2007 01:18

And so Meteor Roger starts firing his lazer at me. OH NOES!!!! Unfortunatly for Meteor, one of the shots hit the diamond on my ring, and bounced back at him, scuffing the tip of his finger, causing him to get a bad hangnail! OUCH!

I'm so cold. I wish my socks were dry :(

*Dr. Lynn*
*Dr. Lynn*

Dec-3-2007 20:16

Your socks are dry but unfortunately it's 20 below and your furnace broke and the rest of you is frost burned!

I wish my pets could train themselves to obey my every wish!

(good luck)

Kevin Greene
Kevin Greene
Old Shoe

Dec-5-2007 03:17

(Good luck to you, doctor, because this is a doozy! It is still just sitting there... :-) )

*Spirits please grant the wish of Dr. Lynn,
have her pets teach themselves, every trick, every sin.*

WHOOPS!!! Did I say that? Sorry Dr. Lynn! It's done now. They now obey your every command. They then realize they don't have to listen to ypu and push you out the window. Then they go so crazy they all push each other out the window.


I wish I was the ruler of the world and I hypnotised everyone into a trance they could not break. It was a simple trance though, just that they think I'm great and everything I do is cool and so they will never revolt on me. Then, my magic powers cast a spell on the sleuther who comes after me, that they must corrupt my wish, but cannot hurt me in any way, like a meteor striking me while I'm sitting on the throne.

Good luck! I like to make it hard, and a challenge! :-)

P.S. Good one Alleliua! Made me 90. :-)


Dec-5-2007 13:28

Oooh those crazy challenges Kevin! RAWR ;)

The day begins again... this time it's different... It's now a new world. One where we all recognize Kevin's super leetness and cannot get enough of it.
"OMG IT'S KEVIN-THE GREATEST SLEUTH EVER!!!" *insert undying devotion here*...and so, we all crowded around the home of Super Kev, watching his every movie from his window.

As our new designated leader, Kevin enjoyed the games of Simon Says for the first week or so... unfortunately the crown in the back could not hear correctly, or lost their radio feed in the middle of it and were stuck standing on their heads for almost 3 days and eventually, just passed out. It was not long after they passed out that Super Great Kev found out and commanded the doctors to take care of them. But while he was busy cleaning up this mess, he missed out on another great Sleuth contest! OH NOES! Disappointed in himself for not being so keen to remember EVERY detail, he let everyone outta their trance to eliminate any Sleuth distraction.

Man, I wish popcorn didn't stink up the whole place... it's giving me a headache.

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