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Your very own theme song!
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Lucky Stiff

Sep-8-2006 19:19

Ok so I had this great conversation the other day with a couple of friends, which got me thinking this would be a good post for my fellow sleuthers....

Ok, picture it....

I start down the stairs at a bar, a very cool, hip place where everyone knows your name (ok I'm from Boston, grew up on Cheers, what do you expect from me lol)....all of a sudden, you hear the first strains of....


Thats my personal theme song, so appropriate I think :)

What would all of yours be? and be creative :)


Bill Oakes
Bill Oakes

Sep-9-2006 01:14

My theme song would have to be Fake Tales of San Fransisco by the Arctic Monkeys

Fake Tales of San Francisco
Echo through the air
And there's a few bored faces in the back
All wishing they weren't there

And as the microphone squeaks
A young girl's telephone beeps
Yeah she's dashing for the exit
she's running to the streets outside
"Oh you've saved me," she screams down the line
"The band weren’t very good
And I'm not having a nice time”

Yeah but his bird thinks it's amazing, though
So all that's left
Is the proof that love's not only blind but deaf

He talks of San Francisco, he's from Hunter's Bar
I don't quite know the distance
But I'm sure that's far
I'm sure that's pretty far

I'd love to tell you all my problem
You're not from New York City, you're from Rotherham
So get off the bandwagon, and put down the handbook

Get off the bandwagon and put down the handbook

Old Shoe

Sep-9-2006 01:41

I run hot and cold. Accordingly I think I rate two theme songs:

HOT: Ironically, Vanilla Ice

Yo VIP let's kick it

Ice ice baby (x2)
All right stop collaborate and listen
Ice is back with my brand new invention
Something grabs a hold of me tightly
Flow like a harpoon daily and nightly
Will it ever stop yo I don't know
Turn off the lights and I'll glow
To the extreme I rock a mic like a vandal
Light up a stage and wax a chump like a candle
Dance go rush to the speaker that booms
I'm killing your brain like a poisonous mushroom
Deadly when I play a dope melody
Anything less than the best is a felony
Love it or leave it you better gain weight
You better hit bull's eye the kid don't play
If there was a problem yo I'll solve it
Check out the hook while my DJ revolves it

Ice ice baby vanillla (x4)

Now that the party is jumping
With the bass kicked in and the vegas are pumpin'
Quick to the point to the point no faking
I'm cooking MC's like a pound of bacon
Burning them if you ain't quick and nimble
I go crazy when I hear a cymbal
And a hi-hat with a souped up tempo
I'm on a roll and it's time to go solo
Rollin' in my 5.0
With my rag-top down so my hair can blow
The girlies on standby waving just to say hi
Did you stop no I just drove by
Kept on pursuing to the next stop
I busted a left and I'm heading to the next block
The block was dead
Yo so I continued to A1A Beachfront Avenue
Girls were hot wearing less than bikinis
Rockman lovers driving Lamborghinis
Jealous 'cause I'm out getting mine
Shay with a guage and Vanilla with a nine
Reading for the chumps on the wall
The chumps acting ill because they're so full of eight balls
Gunshots rang out like a bell
I grabbed my nine all I heard were shells
Falling on the concrete real fast
Jumped in my car slammed on the gas
Bumpet to bumper the avenue's packed
I'm trying to get away before the jackers jack
Police on the scene you know what I mean
They passed me up confronted all the dope fiends

Old Shoe

Sep-9-2006 01:48

Cold. Well actually more 'cool'.

Left and Leaving by The Weakerthans:

My city's still breathing (but barely it's true)
through buildings gone missing like teeth.
The sidewalks are watching me think about you,
sparkled with broken glass.
I'm back with scars to show.
Back with the streets I know
Will never take me anywhere but here.
The stain in the carpet, this drink in my hand,
the strangers whose faces I know.
We meet here for our dress-rehearsal to say " I wanted it this way"
Wait for the year to drown.
Spring forward, fall back down.
I'm trying not to wonder where you are.
All this time lingers, undefined.
Someone choose who's left and who's leaving.
Memory will rust and erode into lists of all that you gave me:
a blanket, some matches, this pain in my chest,
the best parts of Lonely, duct-tape and soldered wires,
new words for old desires,
and every birthday card I threw away.
I wait in 4/4 time.
Count yellow highway lines that you're relying on to lead you home.

WICKED cool thread beantown!


Sep-9-2006 04:17

Sweet Sleuth in time
You'll see the line
Line that's drawn between
Good & Bad

See the Shady Guy
Shooting at the world
Bullets flying
taking toll

you better close your eyes
and wait for the ricochet

Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Sep-9-2006 08:00

My theme song, "Friends in Low Places" by Garth Brooks teehee ;)

Battered Shoe

Sep-9-2006 12:07

The theme from "The Littlest Hobo."

Ah, Canadian TV.


This reply has been deleted by a Moderator


This reply has been deleted by a Moderator

Safety Officer

Sep-9-2006 20:31

LOL Ara... I sooooo remember that. It was always on when we came home from school... There's a voice that keeps on calling me, down the road is where I'll always be... lol

Old Shoe

Sep-9-2006 22:40

Good God, THAT's what we decided to send to Australia? Commonwealth my ass!

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