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How many have you quit?
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R Anstett
R Anstett

Sep-5-2006 06:55

We talked about this once or twice before, but I thought it might help some to vent a little here.

We all know it is better to quit than guess. In the course of daily agency life few people need to quit cases.

Treasure hunt favors were the main source of them. Now with the Villain hunts and the increased difficulty there it seems that the ratio of quits is rising.

So how many have you quit? If you are participating in the Villain Hunts are you quitting a lot more now?


Old Shoe

Sep-15-2006 04:47

this is interesting.
most of the people who posted are quitting about 1-2% of the cases which is excellent and most of them are under 5% maybe this game should be made harder!!

Safety Officer

Oct-21-2006 22:59

bump for Peach Pearl

oh and:

Cases Quit: 538



Oct-21-2006 23:30

118 quit
479 solved
2 false accusations
i quit alot of my cases due to wanting a certain faction, then when i tried the villain hunt which i failed it lasted 3 days so out of 36 cases i quit like over 20

sushi kitty
sushi kitty

Oct-22-2006 12:59

Cases Quit: 754
Cases Solved: 1
False Accusations: 0

how am i doing?

R Anstett
R Anstett

Oct-22-2006 21:53

Cases Quit: 36
Cases Solved: 2301

As my Arch Villain League teammates tell me, I have to get over the pain of quitting. 9 quits in the course of 4 days was painful.


Oct-24-2006 14:11

Case History
Cases Quit: 0
Cases Solved: 26
False Accusations: 1

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