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A couple of questions for a not-quite-newbie

Battered Shoe

Sep-3-2006 17:18

1. How often do you get skill points? It seems like you get them every time and then it trails off as you get more experience. I'm playing 12 Really Really Hard cases a day plus 3 favors and it seems like I only acquire 2 skill points a day. There's one more skill I want to get before I move on to Incredibly Hard (wasted 12 points on Pugilism - could have used other ones more). But my current cases are getting a little easy.

2. How do you get lots and lots of experience points? Do you get large quantities of them from doing other things than cases? I'm only getting 320 per case. People have millions. It seems like it would take years to do that. I only have 25000 and I really really want to play the Arch Villians. I saw a post from someone that had 75000 and still couldn't get into the new feature. This is making me sad.

3. What are the benefits of joining a detective agency? I made my own and now it seems like a waste of money cuz I could never win a treasure hunt with one person. I'm kind of a loner and want to play at my own pace, so I don't know if joining an agency would be a good idea.




Sep-3-2006 17:39

1) The more exp you get, the more exp it takes to get your next skill point. I really don't know that the formula is floating around, but I can tell you that it takes roughly 10 Impossible cases or so for alot of us old farts now to get a single skill point.

2) It takes a lot of hard work and dedication, and a great group of friends around you to help, plus, of course time, to reach millions of skill points. Remember that the number of EXP goes up with the level of difficulty of the cases, doubling at each level.

3)There is an entire thread at the top of this page full of reasons you should subscribe. There are all kinds of agencies out there, even for loners, infact, I know of an agency that suits lone detectives very well that may be hiring. They work as a team, but difinetly seperate. They do some hunting, but it isn't their main goal. PM me if you would like more info. ;)

Happy Sleuthing!

Safety Officer

Sep-3-2006 17:44

1. lol Skill points. They shift on a sliding scale that no-one really understands :) (even when it's explained in technical jargon) But basically the more XP the less frequently the come. Lucky you getting 2 a day still! By the time you get up into 500,000-1,000,000 XP range they're coming at about 1 every 38,000pts.

2. When you get to AI cases you can earn 5000+ points per case. You can rack up some serious points if you do all your 12 cases successfully. Mind you there not called almost impossible for nothing. But if youre in an Agency solving AI cases can be easier because you have access to other players help.

3. Lotsa Agencies out there that will let you play at your own pace, they're not all Treasure Hunt maniacs :) But treasure hunts can be fun too I believe :D

But you would get the benefit of somewhere to store your gear at probably a lesser price than what you're paying now for yours.

You'll get help with your cases (if you need it).

And more than likely even though you're a 'loner' (ow-ooohhhhhhh s'the lone wolf in me howling an answering call), you'll get some nice people to interact with.

There are probably other things I've forgotten, but others will extol the virtues of Agencies I'm sure.

Trelane Rahl
Trelane Rahl

Sep-3-2006 17:45

A recommendation is that you check out the welcome newbies post in the newbies section. It has all of the answers to those questions... Well not the Arch Villain's part. Treasure hunts will be a bit slow considering the fact that Villain Hunt rush is still upon us.

R Anstett
R Anstett

Sep-3-2006 21:03

Agencies come in all shapes and sizes.

The first thing to look for is what is right for you. Ask the directors questions, get a feel for what they are looking for.

Ask the other detectives in the agency if they like it there.

Be open and honest with them about your wants and needs. You will find the right place for you to grow and learn.

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