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Anything and Nothing
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Lucky Stiff

Aug-23-2006 22:01

I have created a sleuth miracle!


Go ahead and try, but this thread is about anything and nothing, all at the the same time!

This is the place where Al can talk about world domination, Crunch can worship David Hasselhoff, SS can try and find even more complicated questions for his pub quizzes, Nikkie can advertise for Tim Tams, cfm can troll for more Sharpie victims, JR can beg for the chance to win Bobo back, and bedazzling can be a way of life!

So go off, rant and rave, talk about anything, i don't care, I just wanted to see my avatar on the page (when its actually me anyways)

So go ahead, I dare you all to try and hijack me :)


Lucky Stiff

Aug-22-2007 17:29

thanks guys, didnt even notice my congratulations :) I appreciate it soooo much!

2 weeks today :D

Old Shoe

Aug-23-2007 06:31


Ok, second, my schools already started and its nearly the end of week 1 and I am going to have seriously buckle down this year.

Old Shoe

Aug-23-2007 07:51

Oh yeah,I got my pictures from my Himalayan trek online if you want to have a look at them please pm me . I don't want to put the link on here for privacy reasons.

Old Shoe

Aug-24-2007 00:53

lol, 'privacy reasons' why, what were you doing? Nudge-nudge, wink-wink, Buckling down?

What happens in the himalayas stays in the himalayas. Unless it involved David Hasselhoff and a sherpa. Funny how oxygen deprivation makes a lifeguard do crazy things.

Biggie: way to make me smoke for two. You can be sure the palimony check will be dripping with nicotine and irony. But congrats, I've tried many times and failed.

Because I know you'll be wondering, *no*, nicoderm gum is not easy to freebase.

Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Aug-24-2007 02:42

Well, I think it's high time to bring Leddie's dating service back.

If you want to be a part of Leddie's Great Dates, just answer these simple questions here:

a) are very good with children
b) kill houseplants
c) accidentally set your dog's tail on fire
d) purposely set your dogs tail on fire

If you love someone you should
a) let them go and if they come back it was meant to be
b) lock them in
c) let them go but if they don't come back hunt them down and stalk them

Your idea of a perfect date is
a) Paris in Spring
b) McDonalds
c) going to the Sock Crochet competition with your Mother and date

Your name is
a) George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie or Cameron Diaz
b) Norman Bates
c) Martha Stewart
d) Bob
e) Eunice
d) Other

Your predate preparations include
a) showering, grooming, relaxing, buying a gift for your date
b) oiling your bed springs
c) scratching your butt

and finally, what movie has best summed up your love life so far
a) Titanic, because like the boat you go down
b) Die Hard Yippee Kayyay Mother(*&%(^
c) Love Story or Toy Story, you also get those confused
d) Shrek

Armitage Shanks
Armitage Shanks

Aug-24-2007 07:42

Must.. resist.. temptation.. to.. answer.. silly.. questions.. truthfully..



Aug-24-2007 09:04

LMAO Lady Em!


Aug-25-2007 12:53

Oh, wow. I can't tell if I totally bombed that test or did great.

Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Aug-27-2007 04:16

Well, that depends. It's all science really.

For example, if you kill houseplants and someone else's name is Martha Stewart, then that might be a match.
Martha can be the nurturer while you can bring home the bacon especially if you're name is George Clooney.

If you purposely set your dog's tail on fire, then I have just the match, anyone named Norman Bates. You can be psychos together. After all, it's a big house AND there is a swamp nearby to put out the fire if it gets out of control. Failing that, Norm likes taxidermy.

Meanwhile, if you like Titanic, I'll match you with Oiling the bedsprings.

It's like just magnets, sometimes like attracts like and sometimes opposites attract.
Like I said, it's all about the science.

Scarletta Jones
Scarletta Jones

Aug-27-2007 15:58

Ew! Lady Em just said the OTHER "s" word...SCIENCE!!! *screams, runs around in circles, then grabs holy water* Back evil spirits! Back!

That panic attack aside: I have concluded that high school= war zone. Almost everybody hates each other, and plus, some of the teachers can be evil.

And now the waether: Thankfully, it's been warming up and the rain has ceased! Hooray!

Back to you...

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