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The story continues...
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Aug-25-2004 12:46

Elsey walks into the local bar, The Tricky Mister, and asks her old buddy Cyrus to pour her a drink.
"Something girly," she asks him. "Something the boys will laugh at."
She smiles and looks around the room. She thinks about who else might walk into the room tonight. She turns back to her girly drink and waits for Sir James to arrive, as he undoubtedly will at some point.
Just then, the front door opens and in walks....


Clarice Starling
Clarice Starling

Aug-25-2004 22:48

"Hey, CTown. Are you here to see me? Ya know I could use your business. My fourth wife is hounding me for a new fur coat," the shady character said with a shake of his head. "I keep telling her it will make her ass look big."

CTown rolled his eyes and was about to tell the Shady Character to take a hike when he remembered that Lucretia had forgottened his birthday .... again!

CTown turned back to the bar and began making a contemplating his next move. He decided he would ...

Tireless Tiger

Aug-25-2004 22:56

sit back and see the way things transpired. He was enjoying the ball game since the Indians took a 3-2 lead but then all of the sudden....

Sir James
Sir James

Aug-26-2004 06:08

The door opens again. Sihouetted by the dim streetlights a strange figure dressed in a sealskin coat with matching hat and armed with a bottle of very expensive perfume and a cane stands in the doorway.

Elsey jumps up
"Sir James! What took you so long?"
"Pressing business at the agency. Hi Cyrus I'll have a bottle of champagne please."

Sir James sits down with Elsey.

"Wow, what a turn-up, busy night for Cyrus, ah thank you. Would you also like a swig?"
"Uhm, maybe a glass would be a better idea?"
"Don't be such a sissy!"

Esley burst out laughing

"Sissy?! Look who's talking, in your colour-coordinated outfit with matching accesories! Oh well, if you insist I drink form the bottle, so be it."

She takes the bottle from Sir James, takes a drink and glances at the label at the back. She chokes, drenching Sir James in champagne.

"Look! She is missing!"

Sure enough, on the back of the champagne bottle there is a picture of D.L. Williams. Under it in curly golden letters: Have you seen this person, contact the local police department. And under that, in slightly less curly and slightly less golden ones: DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT CONTACT ANY OF THE LOCAL DETECTIVE AGENCIES!!!!!
Elsey and Sir James look at eachother,
"We need to do something!"
"Oh boy, another adventure!"


Aug-26-2004 10:48

"D.L. Williams, huh? That name sounds familiar, but I can't quite put a face to that name," I mumbled, stroking my beard. "I'd be glad to help you find her, though!"


Aug-26-2004 15:04

Elsey laughs at Orbitrux stroking his non-existent beard.
"Di is missing, and I HAVE to find her. She was a Great member of Chicago. Where could she have gone? School? Work? Family problems?" Elsey sighed and looked around the room again. "It could be ANYONE in here!"


Aug-26-2004 18:49

Huffy at the fact that Elsey has not yet merited my scruff to be a full-fledged beard, I stand up before the crowd. "Has anyone heard or seen anything about the disappearance of D.L. Williams?"


Aug-26-2004 23:46

Marni had been listening as usual, slightly curious to not have seen jojo at the bar yet.
"Yeah" says Marni "I do know something about that..."

"I know that Sir James hasn't seen or heard anything."

Marni finishes her whisky, and gets up from the bar. "You pave paradise.." she adds and then leaves.


Aug-26-2004 23:51

Moonshh, who had been observing the scene quietly, stands up and yells, "Guys!" All heads turn to her in shock. "I hate to interrupt the no doubt serious matter of D.L. William's disappearance, but have we sleuths grown so inured to blood and tragedy that we just ignore poor Adelphe's body over there?"

Everyone stares blankly. Moonshh gives a little shake, then says, "Oh, yeah, right; we have. And I'm off duty. What was I thinking? Cyrus, send another of my usual back to the corner table," and the conversation picks up where it left off...


Aug-27-2004 00:12

Elsey looks first at Marni and then at Sir James.

"I'm so glad to hear that you don't know anything about this, Sir James. If you HAD known something about it, I would have thought that you were sending us on a wild goose chase!"

Elsey then looked at Moonshh, drinking her 'usual' at the back corner table, her chair blocking a good view of the murdered Adelphe. Elsey just shook her head, opened her notebook, and wrote down what little she had been able to garner about the disappearance of D.L. Williams.

*I sure hope that we are able to find Di soon. I miss her a WHOLE LOT,* Elsey thinks as she writes in her notebook. *She had become almost like a new best friend, even though she was on the other side of the world!*

D.L. Williams
D.L. Williams

Aug-28-2004 01:24

As the bar pianist continues to caress his piano with his soft touch, the detectives lean back against the lounge sofas and ponder over D.L's disappearance. Indeed, it was unlike her to just waltz out of City Hall and Sleuth Town, without so much as a word of farewell to her fellow colleagues.

"Perhaps she was kidnapped...murdered even!" Elsey speculates under her breath, too afraid to voice out her own fears even to Sir James, as he sips on his champagne.

Lost in thought and hunched over the bar, still writing notes, Elsey became aware that the bar had quietened down substantially, and her keen senses suddenly filtered out soft footsteps approaching her from behind. "I know those footsteps...."

She tries to spin around in her bar stool but is too late. Gloved hands press against her eyes from behind and a low, soft voice whispers in her ear.

"Hello my dear lady...It's been awhile..."

The voice sent chills up Elsey's spine. In one swift motion, she fights back her tears of joy, leaps up from her bar stool, almost knocking Sir James's champagne bottle over and finds herself in the arms of D.L. Williams.

D.L. eyes glisten with happy tears.

"I have missed you so much. I know I've been gone yet I really can't stay very much longer either. My new state of affairs..." Her voice trails off in anguish then she resumes her cheery tone.

"Let's take this opportunity to celebrate and reminiscense of better days gone by! Where are the rest? Where's Vin, Timmy and DaRu?"

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