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Need Some Schooling?
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Old Shoe

Jul-30-2006 11:36

DAFTNEWBIES is a brand new agency that acts as a school.

We take in new and SUBSCRIBED detectives who are looking for a little bit of help playing Sleuth.

Requirements to join:

-Be a newer player (around 5000 or less experience)
-Have a desire to learn about Sleuth and how to play

What we offer:

-Links to helpful threads in the message boards
-A thread where you can ask all the 'stupid' questions you want
-Expert advice
-And much, much more!

Plus, we'll even throw in a small 'gift' when you 'graduate' from our program!

If you want to move on to a big agency, we're the place the start! All the major agencies will be dying to have you join once you've gone through our extensive schooling. You'll learn everything you would ever want to know about Sleuth and MORE!

So what are you waiting for?

Join D.A.F.T.N.E.W.B.I.E.S. today! You'll be glad you did!

"Department of the Accelerated Financing & Tutelage of New and Education-Wanting Brooklyn Investigators, Examiners, & Sleuths"



Mar-3-2007 11:26

Ha, I just looked at the name of this original thread! No wonder why Werbs looked at it to begin with!

Lucky Stiff

Mar-3-2007 11:47

*dies laughing at fille and flaps, while wondering what got modded out*

Battered Shoe

Mar-3-2007 12:05

Modded out, how sad. Oh well, it's all engraved on my heart--oh, and in my bio, too. :)

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