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Who has played the Nancy Drew games?
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Laurie Jones
Laurie Jones

Apr-23-2006 12:30

Hey everybody;
I was wondering, who's ever played the Nancy Drew computer games? :D


Lorna Sanders
Lorna Sanders

May-13-2006 15:35

i own and have solved numbers 1-11.

i'm gonna get secret of the old clock and last train to blue moon canyon whenever i have the money for them. :)

my favorites are the final scene, danger on deception island, and secret of shadow ranch.

Windy Windkloppel
Windy Windkloppel

May-13-2006 20:16

My fave is probably trt

Sadie Blue
Sadie Blue

May-13-2006 23:15

I love them too. I have bought them all except The Curse of Blackmoor Manor, but I have played the Secret of the Old Clock yet. I have that one, a Sherlock Holmes game, and a CSI game waiting for me to get some free time.

I didn't like the first two games very much. The first one you had to keep switching discs - echh! The second one "Stay Tuned For Danger" had lame clues that didn't make any sense. I loved the Secret of Shadow Ranch. I know it's crazy, but I loved picking those vegetables and fixing that link fence. Haunted Carousel was good, but way too short. Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake and Danger on Deception Island were good. But I think the most suspenseful ending is when you have to try to get out of the monolith in The Secret of The Scarlet Hand. Syberia 1 and Syberia 2 were good games too if you are looking for something else to play.

Serena Siren
Serena Siren

May-14-2006 00:30

Count me in as a Nancy Drew nut LOL!!! I too found sluth from the site.

LOL!!! To the person who mentioned that devil game Barnacle Blast...Took me forever.

If you are looking to buy, I think the best was The Curse of Blackmoore Manor, but it isn't the easiest for starting out.

Laurie Jones
Laurie Jones

May-14-2006 16:24

Nancy Drew so totally rox! :) also updates everyone on new games and it's funny to see because everyone guesses on what the new games will be!

Hallie Kraemer
Hallie Kraemer

May-21-2006 16:58

I Love Nancy Drew games. When I go out and get a new one I have to force myself to go to bed because i'd stay up all night playing!!


May-23-2006 10:57

I have played them too.

I have won all of the Nancy Drew games:
1. Secrets Can Kill
2. Stay Tuned For Danger
3. Message In A Haunted Mansion
4. Treasure In The Royal Tower
5. The Final Scene
6. Secret Of The Scarlet Hand
7. Ghost Dogs Of Moon Lake
8. The Haunted Carousel
9. Danger On Deception Island
10. The Secret Of Shadow Ranch
11. Curse Of Blackmoor Manor
12. Secret Of The Old Clock
13. Last Train To Blue Moon Canyon

My favorite one? Well, all of them are my favorite. But if I had to choose...
I would probably have to pick "Secret Of Shadow Ranch".

I'm awaiting "Danger By Design". I can't wait for it to come out. As soon as it does, I'm going buy it right away... lol.

But anyway......
I found out about this site from the website.
And I'm glad that I did. Because this Sleuth site is just awesome! :D
Although I'm still learning about this site more and more, I have yet to learn about how to change my character. (I accidently picked the wrong character. :o , shame on

Emerald Drew
Emerald Drew
Old Shoe

May-31-2006 09:32

I have played all of them and I love them!! Hence the Drew part of mt name!

AZN Cinderella
AZN Cinderella

May-31-2006 13:48

I have now played Secrets Can Kill - Danger on Deception Island. I can't wait for Danger by Design to come out either! It sounds like a fun and original game. I think that it is coming out in June or July. I will be jumping up and down with joy when it comes out. :)


Jun-9-2006 17:09

The games are excellent, but not better than Slueth

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