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Congratulations to Underground
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R Anstett
R Anstett

Apr-2-2006 11:20

Underground becomes the third agency to break the 200,000 fame mark.

I am sure we can all appreciate the hard work and committment that goes into achieving a long term goal like that.

Congratulations, and keep an eye on that rear view mirror. Eye Spy and Mojo are eager to join that club.



Apr-4-2006 16:21

I would also like to congratulate The Underground on their continued efforts. Thanks for keeping the good name up, all--your hard work has kept my original dream alive. :)


Apr-5-2006 08:52

Thankyou Orb. You created a superb agency, it's our pleasure to keep it that way. Hopefully those who come after us will keep the torch burning for you also. :)

Although no longer a member, you're still a part of us. Every Undergrounder (past and present) has shaped us into the agency we are today, many have moved on but their legacy remains. You can resign, but you can never really leave. There is no escape!

I honestly didn't expect such an wealth of goodwishes from everyone, thank you all. The Underground is what it is, and has achieved what it has, thanks to each and every one of you. No agency can be an insular entity, we rely on other agencies to provide friendly competition and on the entire sleuth community to create the friendly atmosphere which keeps this game fun.

We're rightfully proud to have broken the 200,000 barrier but it's not fame points, or position on the leaderboard, which makes an agency great. Having great players makes an agency great (IMHO).

By my reckoning that makes us all great agencies. :)

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