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Which is More Important??

Talianna Periwinkle
Talianna Periwinkle

Mar-22-2006 17:37

Okay, I was in a level Hard case, and I'm pretty sure that the harder the case, the easier people clam up on you (and unfortuantely 1.) I don't have the skills to unclam 'em and 2.) I'm not subscribed *yet*). So, anyway, I was on this case where I had a threatning note. So I go and interview the suspects and two of the suspects have the Banker as an alibi. I verify one suspect and I'm good. But before I can verify the second one, my stress detector (lol) tells me that Ruby is going to clam up soon. So I decide to wait a second and use my research skill to lower down the possible suspects.

Here's the problem: is it more important to verify an alibi or to see if you know who wrote the note?

Sometimes, if I can't verify an alibi without the townsies clamming up on me, I'll skip it and usually will count them as a prime suspect (depending on the number of the prime suspects I have already). Is this any good or not??

Any help would be nice!


Talianna Periwinkle
Talianna Periwinkle

Mar-22-2006 17:41

Oh, and this is off topic, but is there any way to change the clock?? When I registered, I didn't fix the clock. Any way I can or is it stuck like it is?

Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Mar-22-2006 19:09

You can't change the city hall clock. It is what it is :) I will let someone else answer your first question....I couldnt explain it that well :) Atleast well enough to help u understand LOL ;)


Mar-22-2006 23:38

Each level has a fixed number of fake alibis. In my opinion its more helpfull to check the alibis first. You can stop checking them when you reached that number, the rest would be a real alibi.
What I would do is start by checking the alibis with the non PE townies like butcher, music teacher etc...
If you have enough, you wont need to ask the PE townies about alibis.

But this is how I do it. Every one has a different startegy. Some will advice you to check the evidence first. And they I correct too.

Am I confusing you yet?

Also I would suggest checking research after evry new suspect. If a suspect is cleared, you dont need to ask his alibi at all.

Carl Kershaw
Carl Kershaw
Old Shoe

Mar-23-2006 14:55

If you don't have Thread Analysis and Hair Analysis, then you might be missing clues from the crime scene (I only say this because you appear to be low experience level and might not have trained in them yet).

If you can't prove the alibi of your "main" suspect, then you are on dodgy ground. False accusations are a costly business and it is better to quit a case than to accuse without being totally sure.

However, you can prove his/her guilt in other ways if you can't prove the alibi:

1. If you can get 2 other suspects to say they suspect he/she did it, then you can make a safe accusation.

2. If one of the pieces of evidence points to him/her, and all the other items point to people with true alibis, then once again you can make a safe accusation.

Talianna Periwinkle
Talianna Periwinkle

Mar-23-2006 14:56

Thank you! No, I perfectly understand what you're trying to say, Reda (and your advice actually makes some sense to me!)

I guess I'll just have to live with the clock, but oh well..... I can deal :D

Thanks Makensie and Reda!

Bogdan Epureanu
Bogdan Epureanu

Mar-24-2006 06:00

I noticed that for intermediate the number of fake alibies is "3". For hard is "4" ... or?

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