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Detective Agencies
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Talianna Periwinkle
Talianna Periwinkle

Mar-18-2006 19:44

First of all, thanks you guys for putting up with my questions *rolls eyes* I seem to have a lot of them don't I?

Anyways, I'm thinking of subscribing because I kinda want to get more skills faster and to make more money by being with a detective agency. However, I have a question with the agencies.

Because of the skills I have, it's a little bit difficult for me to even solve some of the Intermediate cases. One time, because my Sweet Talking didn't work, I wasn't able to accuse a suspect because I couldn't figure out their motive (the only reason I even got the person was because I was talking to the townsies and my only suspect clammed up on me). What type of skills, or what type of mysteries should I be able to solve before I can actually be any use to an agency? I know that if I can get more skill points faster, I'll be able to get more skills, thus be able to solve harder mysteries. Can anyone help me on this?

Oh, and even though this is off topic, is it normal to do a favor for a townsperson but not have them as your contact right away? The person gave me an item (which, very unfortuantely, I had to sell to pay off stupid Shady!! Augh!) but didn't become a contact. I'm sure it's normal, but I just wanna make sure........



Coco Cola
Coco Cola

Mar-18-2006 23:39

Hi, It's a problem when you know the gulity person but there is no motive. So always ask motive before alibi. You can still get that killer with a clam alibi and TWO eyewitness evidence. But you can't get him or her without a motive.

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