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Agency in search of equipment and donations
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Lucian Ty
Lucian Ty

Feb-27-2006 18:34

Blood & Dagger is in search of a few willing detectives who would like to donate some equipment to our agency. Specifically, we need some Smarts gear, as well as some Tough and Charm...
>> White Lab Coat
>> Cloisonne Harmony Orbs
>> Two Tone Loafers
>> Marwadi Pagdi
>> Rattlesnake Cowboy Boots
>> High Class Two Tones
>> Ivory Nymph Pipe
>> Black Dress Shoes
Any of these items, or other, better ones are great donations to help us with our Locker stock. Please post here if you are willing to donate, and list how many items you will contribute and which ones they are. Contact me to gain entry into the agency and deposit the items in the Locker.

We are also searching for a few detectives who can donate some money into the Office Safe. Not much, since our rent is $350 per day, but maybe $1000 per detective so we can keep the train chugging for a few months?

Any contributions and/or donations are welcome. We at Blood & Dagger Inc. thank anyone willing to help us!

Thank you!


Coco Cola
Coco Cola

Feb-28-2006 12:33

Some of those items you'r looking for are very expensive and take a lot of work to get. No offence but asking for things like that shows inexperience, and the only way your going to get experience is lots of case solving .

Working for items your self will give you a better understanding of how they work and you will appreciate them more as well.

Some Agencies may want to give some things to you they have in surplus not on your list.

Moonlighting has'nt been around that long and we hav'nt asked for any donations or gear, yet we're doing ok.

So it can be done and it's way more fun.


Feb-28-2006 13:24

Some gear can only be received through favors, too. So some agencies might not have these extra lying around. However, once you have more detectives, you can each choose a faction. Then, as you are gaining their favor, you can also gain money to buy the more expensive items.

Some items you might be able to buy from other agencies are from almost impossible cases. These you also can receive once you have over 100,000 experience, which you do. Items are marwadi padgi, two tone shoes, etc.

And, there are some more experienced detectives who like to join new agencies to help them out. I would search for one of these detectives. Though keep in mind, sometimes they are already helping another agency, and might not be able to help out right away.


Feb-28-2006 13:26

The important thing is is that you are trying. Time is the biggest challenge for a new agency.

Just keep doing your 10 cases everyday, preferrably almost impossible, and in no time, you will be up and running.

Good luck!

Lucian Ty
Lucian Ty

Feb-28-2006 13:44

Okay, thanks for the input.

Unfortunatly, we do not have a lot of members right now. Anyone care in helping us build?

R Anstett
R Anstett

Feb-28-2006 14:06

Lucian, you will with hard work be able to get all the things on your list.

You might find someone to help you out with items you wish to purchase from an agency. I know we at Mojo Enterprises would be glad to help with that. But the idea of a new agency out there "pan handling" on the streets for equipment just after opening their doors will turn some people off.

I would say to continue to recruit, help your individual detectives grow and be strong.

I think that it is decieving sometimes that an agency can be built overnight. It take months of long hard work by many people. Mojo would not be what it is today without the seemlingly endless cases done by over 70 detectives over the years.

Aim high, work hard, and good things will come your way.

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