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What skills made you go....
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R Anstett
R Anstett

Jan-24-2006 16:14

In training some of the new people for Mojo we were having the never ending discussion about skills.

We where talking about when we first used a skill what it felt like.

So for the rest of Sleuthville...

What Skill made you go "COOL!"
What Skill made you go, "oh that's it?"


Dixon Smith
Dixon Smith

Apr-18-2006 13:44

After buying a lot of smart skills at the beginning, I chose judge of character as my first "earned skill." I worked hard to earn those 10 skill points (very smart archetype), and then, the exciting moment came... "you should choose to be nice" ... "wait. this doesn't do anything...?!!?!?!" (*throws papers across room*)

Humorously, my double (very tough archetype) has 1/4 of the experience as my first character and is already better off in skills, having completed the smart skills (less faction skills and adv. thread which he doesn't need in NY as he has the tailor as a contact... maybe later) and is one point away from completing the tough set.

It is a little comforting down the road though, to have an impression about your chances in unclamming a suspect, especially when you get a 100+ number. But knowing that, I'm still not going to get it for my double until I can get about 4 or 5 faction skills... so never, basically.

Della Devine
Della Devine

Apr-18-2006 15:05

RESEARCH! That's the one I said Wow, Cool! over.
So far, I don't think I have any skills that I think are worthless. I use JoC constantly. don' t have stress detection yet,
Lock picking is sometimes pretty useful, other times..... like when you finally get someone who's door you can pick and they give you a list of suspects who are already on your list. Or you just need their alibi and get the same thing.

Old Shoe

Apr-19-2006 01:17

grrrrr, Della that one makes me NUTS! Just reading it made me want to bite down on my wallet or something.

I'm also voting for research. It works every time, irrespective of archetype. Plus hey...honestly...who wouldn't feel a little smarter if they knew they were a skilled researcher, lol??!


Apr-20-2006 18:19

well i'm just beginning sleuth right now so u can get the noobies viewpoint here =P

the smarts
thread analysis-helpe dme sovle a case or two but often times it seems like the threads just there to throw me off. not a very incredible skill but definitely useful
advanced hair analysis- it seems to b a very useful skill but so far every time the hair is found at the crime scene, the killers always the one with the opposite kind of hair. i've actually lost so much faith in it that the last time i guessed between two suspects, one with the same hair as the one found at teh crime scene, i've picked the one with the different hair and got it right >=[

Interogation- fails so often. makes me go "UGH!" and wished i saved for something like lockpicking
Stress detect- this one was pretty cool =P useful to know when ur talkers bout to clam

right now i'm saving for the Research u guys make out to b so great. from what i heard so far it seems like one of the most popular

Celia Scarlet
Celia Scarlet

Jul-5-2006 16:19

Lock Picking=Cool!
Judge of character= Don't get me started!
So for all newbies who are reading this,no affence,but if u got this skill,it's lame!


Jul-15-2006 07:23

is safe cracking useful??

Battered Shoe

Jul-15-2006 08:35

Todrab, safecracking is only useful if you are in an agency, and participating in a key hunt. So if you're not subscribed, it's a waste of your skill points.


Jul-15-2006 08:51

I like all my skills,I hear that people complaim about JoC if you use it right it is good,you see it increases the chance of unclaming a suspect,I acculy got cunfused with it,and for new starters before geting this get interregation and sweet talking or it isn't very if you are wearing chaming clothes interragation might not really work well.think the evedenc is the victum itself.I love research! I am trying to get lock picking.


Jul-15-2006 10:33

My favorite skill so far has got to be the Advanced Footprint Analysis. I mean, I already had Advanced Thread Analysis to begin with so that was nothing special, but the shoe maker likes clamming up on me so it was just awesome!

Case is, I still have to get Research and that's what I'm coming in at next!

Now... which faction leader gives you which skills? I know that the Arcanum Brotherhood gives you pick pocketing but for the others I am clueless. And how good on terms have you gotta be with them to learn these tricks?

R Anstett
R Anstett

Jul-15-2006 11:06

Over in the newbie area there are lots of threads on this.

The quick numbers for you:
+1 with a faction for them to talk to you
+10 to open hunts
+25 to teach you a skill
+30 for the best price

See the Newbie Faq link at the bottom of this page for this and more details on factions.

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