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Favourite Movies
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Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Jan-12-2006 08:49

A Few Good Men
Terminator 1&2
Life is Beautiful (Did he HAVE to die??!!??)
The Princess Bride


Lucky Stiff

Dec-2-2006 13:59

Leaving Las Vegas RULES (also with you on Almost Famous crunch).

The Notebook (this ones for you Serges)
Fever Pitch (i'm sorry, its the sox baby!)
American History X
Troop Beverly Hills (still watch it when it comes on TV every time)

And for Rhiemma: best movie line ever!

"I used to %&$# guys like you in prison"

Brandy Moore
Brandy Moore

Dec-4-2006 16:15

The Thin Man-a classic-there may be other couples who solve crime, but Nick and Nora opened the doors for them

His Girl Friday-Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell as fast talking reporters/former spouses :)

The Big Sleep-Bogie and Bacall in a Raymond Chandler classic.

I have more, but those were the first three that popped into my head. ;)

Old Shoe

Feb-20-2007 00:20

You know what's a really cool movie? 28 Days Later. It's really well put together; the dialogue is understated to the extent that it's one of these rare, scary movies that knows when silence is actually more disturbing than screams.

Which makes the louder parts all the more screamy :)

Great actors; really well cast.


Feb-20-2007 13:27

Have you guys seen Patrick Swayze in Donnie Darko? Not only is it totally one of my favorite movies, but Meester Swayze is...... different in it. Check it out, yall. I also love Wild Things, The Hot Chick, plus a shout out to all Kevin Smith works. And my two very favorite movies ever, Braveheart and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

Battered Shoe

Feb-20-2007 19:06

Crunch, 28 Days Later is indeed a cool movie, I've seen it a few times and it creeps me out each time. Really well done, and I'm not a horror person.

Also with you on Almost Famous, I just love that movie.


Full Monty
Alien and Aliens (but not further incarnations)
Shakespeare in Love
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Kill Bill v 1&2

And many more I am too tired to think of right now.

Safety Officer

Feb-20-2007 19:16

like I love "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon", but they really should have sub-titled it "Stupid Ending Hidden Meaning".


Feb-20-2007 19:21

Yeah, Phantom of the Opera is AWESOME.
~Scary Movie 3
~Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest
~Night at the Museum
~The Messengers

P.S. I luv the shows America's Next Top Model and Flight 29 Down.


Feb-20-2007 19:29

Oh yes:
I am very much hoping that the book Inkheart will become a movie, as I heard. Although I liked Inkspell better (more romance, lol) but anywho, I also hope Warriors will become a movie. It sooo has the makings of a great film.

And Nancy Drew... that Hollywood Hills thing! However could I forget that; I want to see it so bad.
Oh, I can't help myself... I love movies and I am talking too much... :)

Con Artist

Feb-20-2007 20:09

Boondock Saints
Donnie Darko
Rocky Horror Picture Show

I love movies so the list could go on and on and on and on but i wont bore you with it all :)

Old Shoe

Feb-20-2007 23:04

*crinkles nose* hey sleuthbot - you smell a bit like Corn! Familiar corn even! I know you from somewhere? :P

Bam_Punk, believe me - people with lots to say are appreciated 'round here. You're just fine. I have a bit of a top model thing too, but it's mostly cause my funny cousin comes over and calls people like that Anchil chick from last time (you remember her...the one with virtually no space between her hair and eyebrows?) cools names like Anchovy, Anvil and Manvil.

Yup yup, Kiss Kiss Bang is another great one; so is American History X. Me gots a little problem with the scene where Norton pulls out the smily though.

*wonders which of James Garner's scenes in The Notebook inspired that salute to Serges and still doesn't get what the Swayze has over Cenoe's family*

Ugh, have y'all SEEN the Wong Foo fiasco? Or Road House? In that one, he beats up a guy with a knifeboot :P

I gotta start a thread for movies we hate now...

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