The Battery Boardwalk Expansion - 8 April 2017

Sleuth Home - Agencies - Blue Pagoda Agency

An agency with a family atmosphere determined to have fun while working hard to capture the bad guys and improve our standing in Sleuth.

*Official 2009 Treasure Hunting Tournament Champions*

Founded: May 27 2006
Home City: New York
Headquarters: Abandoned Theater
Fame: 1345863
Treasures Found: 984

Director Lady Jas (New York)
Director Lady Zeugirdor (New York)
Officer Oscar Meyer (New York)
Officer Sammy Spade (New York)
Officer Martin Kane (Delhi)
Officer Harry Jones (New York)
Officer Brandon Brookes (Delhi)
Officer LauraVo (New York)
Officer Keira Ann (Delhi)
Officer Mrs. Cullen (New York)

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