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Black Fishnet Gloves The Fangs The Mexican Black Mink Coat Knee High Stiletto Boots

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  • Packages Delivered: 27
  • Overdue Books Returned: 51
  • Nemeses Captured: 0
  • Secret Plans Revealed: 9
  • Artifacts Unearthed: 8
  • Journal Pages Found: 3
  • Brass Rings Won: 0

Detective Biography

It's been said the best place to hide something is out in the open.
I walked down the crowded city sidewalk with a well-dressed gentleman, laughing and nodding at all the correct places. My eyes continually watching for my target to appear. I spotted him three blocks from the theater we were heading towards.
Nonchalantly I manuvered my "friend" towards my target. Several steps away from him I brushed my hand over my hair, retriving a small needle. Then I looked towards my date and asked a question. At the moment he answered I accidently bumped into my target. I placed my gloved hands around his upper arm and apologized for my inconsiderate manners. He smiled and said there was no harm done. My date and I smiled, nodded and moved on our way.
As we were about to enter into the theater I glanced back down the sidewalk. I saw my target stop walking, clutch his chest, and fall to the ground. I glanced up at my date and smiled. We were shown to our seats and the lights dimmed in the theater. I smiled as I thought how I just killed the last of the six men who murdered my family when I was still a child. And I hid in plain sight.


Order o Socrates:  Neutral(0)
Arcanum Brthrhd:  Fair(6)
Cosa Nostra:  Fair(8)
Eastern Triads:  Poor(-3)
Circle of Light:  Fair(5)
Green Hand:  Poor(-2)
The Tea Steepers:  Terrible(-50)
Shangri La Tigers:  Great(50)


Music Teacher (New York)
Banker (New York)
Bartender (London)
Tailor (London)
Fish Monger (Shanghai)
Shoe Maker (Shanghai)
Missionary (Delhi)
Tailor (Delhi)
Banker (Cairo)
Waitress (Cairo)
Bartender (Sleuthetania)

Arch Villains

Alexander "the Mole" Panzer

Sir Nox Malatesta

Captain Dragutan von Schneider

Books Collected

The Mysterious Affair at Styles
Agatha Christie

Secret Adversary
Agatha Christie

The Hound of the Baskervilles
Arthur Conan Doyle

A Scandal in Bohemia
Arthur Conan Doyle

The Adventure of the Empty House
Arthur Conan Doyle

Martin Hewitt, Investigator
Arthur Morrison

The Murders in the Rue Morgue
Edgar Allan Poe

The Mystery of Marie Roget
Edgar Allan Poe

The Art of War
Sun Tzu

Fill My Tummy
Various Authors

The Moonstone
Wilkie Collins