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Featured Mysteries

Indian Dream
A little girl dreams about death. When she wakes she finds her father murdered. Coincidence? Premonition? You've been around too long to get caught in flights of fancy... haven't you? Stick to the facts, tread carefully, and choose your questions wisely.
by Joseph Zeo
Setting: Delhi
incredibly hard mystery

Murder in a Sentimental Mood
In a smoke filled room you listen to a swinging trio back a beautiful jazz singer as she sings the blues the way the blues are meant to be sung - like someone did her wrong. Some say art is at its best when it imitates life, but you, well you're not so sure when hours later you're looking down into a dead girl's eyes and know you're never going to hear her voice again.
by Rosamund Clifford
Setting: New York
really hard mystery

Of Phoenix and Concubines
During the premiére performance of a Chinese opera at the Grand Theatre, the prima donna is killed in a tragic stage accident… or was it a 'staged' accident!
by Joseph Zeo
Setting: Shanghai
really really hard mystery

Shanghai Panorama
A 17 year old girl is found dead with a suicide note in her pocket, but not everything is as it seems. What truly lies beneath the facade of the most prosperous city in the East?
by Joseph Zeo
Setting: Shanghai
really hard mystery

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