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PE and WE
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Oct-19-2005 16:00

i've been reading the posts here, and i've been trying to figure out how the evidence works. please tell me if this is right.

each case has between 1 and 4 PE, and at least 2 WE.

the murderer has 2 WE and 1 PE.
each suspect with a fake or no alibi has no WE or PE.
each suspect with a real alibi has 0 or 1 WE and 0 or 1 PE.

please confirm. thanks.



Oct-21-2005 10:58

*can never join mojo, but will gladly join the "Pictures Stalking Rock" or PSR as it is commonly called in order for all the clones to be united in one goal.

Also willing to stalk Ran if he picks on cfm too much ;)

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