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Jack Burnt
Jack Burnt

Jul-19-2004 21:36

Hello all,

I just started playing the game, well, tonight and I had a couple questions.

I just played one game where one person had a fake alibi but the foot prints didn't match and no other evidence and yet, he did it.

Can you be stuck and have to guess? Or is there always a way out? I couldn't get anyone to talk no matter what I did, so I just guessed (wrongly may I add).

I'm just trying to get a grasp of the game before I put alot of time into it.

Thanks in advance.


D.L. Williams
D.L. Williams

Jul-20-2004 08:06

You can clear your accusation record for a fee. Go to the Shady Guy down at the Tricky Mister's Bar. He'll quote you the price for a clean slate.

(Ps. Before solving more cases, you may wish to sift through the message boards to pick up all these hints. They are littered everywhere.)

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