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FAQ - Faction skill
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An Zo
An Zo

Oct-7-2005 05:09

For all who wants to know how the faction skills work, I report an old jstkdn post:

Hypotism: each case some suspects you can hypnotize in giving more suspects. Which means you have to ask less questions to the suspects.

Pugilism: enhances tough.

Pick pocketing: allows you to keep the money of the client is the guilty one.

Surveillance: you can hide outside of one suspects house, and sometimes get the answer to an extra question.

Underworld connection: for that escaped suspect thing.

Safe cracking: only useful if you are in an agency. Allows you to take the last key in treasure hunts that involves keys.

A big "thank you" to jstkdn for this.


Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Jun-14-2006 06:43

Kevino Albino, all that factions, what gear they have and what skills they have are mentioned on Reaper's Site.
You can find the site on the City Hall page via community links and I'm sure someone will post a link :)

I think a lot of that information you need is also mentioned on the Welcome Newbie's post.

Good luck and Happy Sleuthing.

Kevino Albino
Kevino Albino

Jun-14-2006 06:46

Yes I know, but now I am working on my smart skills.
I just wanted to know if it is good to stay friends with the order even if they don't have the cool tough stuff I need. Or if it's time that I did some things in favour for the casa nostra.
And traveling isn't for me, I don't pay for things like this. Because I know I won't be playing it for long, at some point you're gonna wanna stop this game and the you realize that you just payed for several months of subscription. No thank you. I keep it free;)

R Anstett
R Anstett

Jun-14-2006 09:28

Kevino, along the line of what you are saying for the subscriptions.

I think it is worth it just to pay for the one month sub, allow you to travel and build up a couple of the faction skills that are not available in NY. Then as you stop playing and come back once in a while you will have built up a stronger detective that you can have the occasional fun afternoon of cases with.


Jul-12-2008 00:44

Ok, I may be dumb but could someone please tell me how to get in with faction bosses? Thank anyone who can help in advance.

Jesse Hunter
Jesse Hunter
Pinball Wizard

Jul-12-2008 03:04

Faction standing is tracked on the right side of your detective page.

Every once in a while you'll get a twist in a case that relates to the Factions (you'll recognize it by the picture of the woman with the magnifying glass). If you solve that case your standing with one faction will go up one point, and your standing with another faction will go down one point. The twist will tell you which factions (it will also show up on the Case Screen). Quitting the case will also change your standing with those two factions, but in the opposite manner.

Once you have a positive rating with a faction you can get into their HQ and offer to do "little favors" for the bosses. They'll direct you where to go and what to do. The locations of Faction HQ and more details about the little favors are available at many agency websites (or you can sleuth mail just about any of the older detectives).

Pinball Amateur

Jul-13-2008 13:44

The exception to all this (yeah, I know, gawd, there's more ;-), is with favors. This is gonna seem a little confusing, so pay attention:

When you get a faction case during a favor, the following happens:

If you solve the case:
Nothing happens to the positive faction.
Your standing goes down -1 with the negative faction.

If you QUIT the case:
Your standing goes UP +1 with the negative faction.

I know, I know, that's screwy. But it's been in place for a while now (bout a year and a half). ;-)

Jesse Hunter
Jesse Hunter
Pinball Wizard

Jul-13-2008 21:43

I just worked a favor in Shanghai with a faction twist and didn't get this effect. I'll keep a closer look out for it in the future though.

Sally Rose
Sally Rose
Old Shoe

Apr-2-2009 09:06

where is the list of who gives out what? Order of soc is hypnotism--where are the rest listed? Thanks.

Gopher to the Sleuth Gods

Apr-2-2009 11:28

Pickpocketing- Dies Arcanum Brotherhood- New York + Delhi

Hypnotism- Order of Socrates- New York + Shanghai

Safecracking- La Cosa Nostra- New York + London

Underworld Connections- Eastern Triads- London + Shanghai

Surveillance- Circle of Light- Delhi + Shanghai

Pugilism- The Green Hand- Delhi + London

Hostage Negotiations- Tea Steepers- Shangra La

Trap Detection- Tigers- Shangri La

Anais Nin
Anais Nin

Apr-2-2009 13:13

This is very helpful! Thanks to everyone!!!

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