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Favors and Frequency
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Ramses Emerson
Ramses Emerson

Aug-13-2005 12:04

I have 3 paid accounts and about every third favor on EVERY ONE of my accounts is for the Fortune Teller! This has been going on for over a week now!! There must be something that needs to be tweeked in London??? I could see this happening for maybe 12 favors, but this is REALLY just gotten stupid!

I keep a notebook of all of my cases and so know exactly the frequency.

I ALWAYS work the favors. Regardless, I will get a couple others in between, the BAM!! The Fortune Teller again!

HELP!!! Please can someone check the favor generator in London?? I ask a different townie each time about a favor (which should not matter.) :(



Aug-21-2005 19:28

Ramses. Like I said. It could be or it could not be. I don't know.

It means "I don't know", if favours are assigned with a specific towns person for a reason.

I am a moderator, not an admin. And I have no clue how the admin set it up.

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