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Old Difficulty Level Guide?
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Ramses Emerson
Ramses Emerson

Aug-5-2005 02:30

What ever happened to the old guide that suggested to you what level of cases to take based upon your experience points??? I was gone for a long-time (under my other account) and am finding that I REALLY miss that guide! :( It used to be part of the selection of cases....


Deborha Lee
Deborha Lee

Jul-27-2007 04:51

Oh! I thought if you quit a favor, you have to do 4 cases to get another favor instead of 3. Doesn't that mean you have done less favors in the long run?

I cannot say what the difference was. My people at that time were just taking whatever favors they got - except one guy. I just thought it was based on the number of cases solved. It is true though, generally speaking, that the more cases you solve, the more favors you do.

I still recommend not working tons of cases that are too far below your level. If I can find both witnesses, identify the physical evidence and verify alibis - I'm working below my level.

The person who said that it depends upon your skills as to what level you should work - was correct! A very smart person will often be working at a lower level than a very tough or very charming person.

For optimal results: have access to someone with all of the physical evidence finding skills of the smarts (including research), plus as many charm or tough skills as possible. Do NOT forget the lockpicking!! This can save you up to 2 questions per case. These need not exist in a single player.

Subscribe. Join an agency. Appoint someone to do Crime Scene checks or have a buddy to help you "persuade" reluctant witnesses and townies.

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