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Mickey Sticks
Mickey Sticks

Jul-11-2005 15:15

So, you evil people have me hooked. i sent off my money order today and Ben has very kindly activated me.
So my question would be:

What would you say the best way to choose an agency would be?
Ok.. that was poorly written.
How does one choose an agency to join?
Nope.. not enough. Hmmm.
Based on your intelligence and experience [ (c) Nero Wolfe] What should a new detective be looking for in an agency?

I think that does it. I've looked over the "Recruiting" Section and... well... I guess I haven't figured the later game out that well. Oh, the "What Agencies do" sections on some of the sites are really good, but my memory ain't what it used to be. Add to that, I've always been more of a "Figure it out as you go" kinda guy. Telling me what's coming never sticks in my seive-like memory.

So, any suggestions?




Jul-11-2005 17:22

Ask about equipment sharing and locker space.

You might want to travel a bit now that you are subscribed (although watch the $$) and try 'living' in the different cities for a bit. Each has its own charm, so it might be a factor in choosing an agency if (for example) you really like the racetrack in Shanghai.

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