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The office seemed a little bit more subdued than usual...
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Connor O'Toole
Connor O'Toole

Jun-19-2005 08:37

I looked up from from my desk in the Eye Spy Investigations office, over the massive stack of case files, and glanced towards Betty Barnes. She returned my look with one of resignation, sighed heavily and went back to sorting the pile of cases on her desk.
The Woody twins and Burghthing were holding conference in the corner, and every so often one or the other would glance in my direction with a look that I've often seen before, while they were working on a troublesome case.
Carrie Mehome was giving directions to our office helpers, Big Bertha and Mehome Gone, enlisting Bertha's help to sort through the open case files and Mehome's assistance to inventory the equipment locker. The three of them also shot me the occasional dagger stare, before going back to their appointed tasks.
Casa Nova was wheeling a cart laden with opened, unsolved cases files around the office, plopping a few on each person's desk as he passed by. When he reached my desk, he dropped a larger stack than he had given to the others on my desk, without so much as saying a word. But again, I knew the look.
Sucrerey and Sergeant Cuff walked in at that moment, looked at the new pile of work on their respective desks, moaned loudly, grabbed coffee and set off to make headway in the ever-growing stacks.
I couldn't take it anymore. "FINE!" I shouted. "I'll go over to the Post Office right now and post a help wanted ad". Although we were all "family" in our little office, when it came down the hard choices, they all turned to me as "The Boss".

So, if you want to join an up & coming agnecy, now's your chance. We like to have fun and join in on hunts, so if you can play regularly, we'd love to have you take some of the load off our desks.
If interested, PM myself or one of the other directors and we'll give you the details.

There, I hope that makes them all happy now, I mumbled to myself, as I walked back from the Post Office....


Carrie Mehome
Carrie Mehome

Aug-16-2005 20:35



Aug-17-2005 19:24

(sees Carrie bumping off the furniture....again)

I see you and Betty had another "business lunch"?

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