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Help us Celebrate!!
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Jun-14-2005 23:59

*she stood in the center of the large hall, surrounded by bustling men and women, issuing orders and making sure each of the minor details were attended to, the balloons, the streamers, the confetti, the massive amounts of food…*

“And make sure,” she hollered after one of the young men in white that was hurrying to the kitchen, “that someone is set to watch over that punch at all times! We simply can’t have another incident like last time.” She mumbled under her breath, “He’s under age for crying out loud.”

*The lights were tested, the sound system arranged, a large banner was heaved to the rafters that read, “Happy 1 Year, Jojo”*

*slowly the room emptied of the commotion and she was left to look over the brightly lit room one more time. Now, if he was only able to find his way…. Even if he wasn’t, she'd hired a photographer to record the event for him to enjoy when he finally returned. She refused to worry about it. The party was ready for the guests to arrive at will.*

*she placed her gift on the back of the table and left the rest up to the staff she had hired to make sure all his guests were received gracefully and had everything they needed to enjoy themselves was provided them, including the fully stocked wet bar. *



Jun-22-2005 19:05

YAY, Jojo! *hands him a cupcake with one candle stuck in it* Hope you like chocolate!

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