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Big Balla
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Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin
Tale Spinner

May-15-2005 17:52


I usually handle disciplinary actions pretty behind the scenes and not make a big deal out of them. This issue has come to a point that I figured it would be worth trying to talk out publicly.

The player known as Big Baller has had his share of run-ins with a few people in this game. I've talked to him once or twice about complaints I've gotten about him.

Some of his behavior I've been complained to about is clearly in violation of the rules of our community (although I admint that the rules of conduct are not well documented right now in a centralised place), and some things were not really against the rules, but things that people here typically frown on (i.e. attemping to poach members from other agencies).

I think it's pretty easy for people who are new to sleuth to make similar mistakes. We are, after all, a little less permissive (and consequently, quite a bit more civil) than public internet sites.

Anyway, I've talked to him recently and he said he's willing to be a little better community member. I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

One problem is that he's made enough enemies that other people are jumping on his threads without giving him much chance. So, of course, h get's defensive and continues to come off in a negative light.

So, anyway, please give him a chance to start over. Hopefully if we extend that courtesy to him, he'll be able to live up to his end of the bargain.


Sir Kittithaj
Sir Kittithaj

May-17-2005 02:15


Subject: jovanjohnson

I was tracking jovanjohnson since the last incident:

He first subscribed on the 5th of May.
He immediately joined Starsky&Hutch. Later he was fired, on the same day.
He was retired on the next day, the 6th of May. That was his last login.

Subject: big balla

Note: there's something fishy about him. Which normal people would name himself 'big balla' anyway?

I ran a background check on him immediately after I had read Ben's first comment:

His last login was on the 15th of May.
Counting his age, I concluded that he created his character on the 6th of May, the same day jovanjohnson had retired.


I think not.


Oh wait, you've known all of that.

All of my investigation went for naught.


May-17-2005 04:16

Thanks Ben!!!!!!

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