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Five people - same alibi. Is it normal? A long read...

Sir Kittithaj
Sir Kittithaj

May-11-2005 11:29

After many unsuccessful Really Hard cases which cost me quite a sum at shady's, I was going back to the Hard level trying to gain hard earned points. My first, and the most memorable, case today was The Unique Hunt for the Haunting Corpse.

It started out normally enough, James Hayton, my old neighbour came to me to ask for help; his client, Russell Riggs, was killed. Searching the crime scene I found a thread from female's clothes, a threatening letter from a right handed person, and a bloody footprint from a heavy one.

I went to each suspects and interviewed them one by one, asking for their alibi and completing my suspect list along the way. Two people clammed up on their alibi question: Grace Riggs, the Russell's wife, and Leoda Carr, his associate. Monica Riggs, his sister, was with the waitress. Normal stuff, really.

What was not normal, however, was the fact that all other five suspects said they were with the fortune teller.

Although I've always been a good customer of Thomas, I don't think he's willing to answer that much questions.

Trying to remain calm and cool, I went to the Hall of Records to research, and found out that Grace was in the drunk tank all the time.

One down, seven to go...

I went to the waitress to check out Monica's alibi. It turned out that she lied.

Aha! This case might end early and easy. Since Monica was left handed and slim, I immediately went to the tailor to check out the thread.

Unfortunately, it wasn't her thread.

Two down, six to go...

James, my old neighbour and client, was my next target, since he was slim and righ handed. I went to the bank and asked the banker about the note.

It was his handwriting...


Sir Kittithaj
Sir Kittithaj

May-11-2005 11:32

Curses! I was going to caught my own client. Not only I would lose my promised money, I would lose my old neighbour. I had no choice but to go to Thomas'camp and ask for Jame'alibi.

And he was there the whole time.

I didn't know I should be happy or not. It was a good thing that James wasn't the murderer, but that meant I had to keep on working.

Three down, five to go...

And only two evidences left...

I focused my suspicion on Thaddeus Perigen, Russell's neighbour. He was right handed and heavy. I went to the shoe maker to check out.

It was his footprint.

Hah! Finally, this case had come to an end. I went back to Thomas immediately. As I had suspected, Thomas was annoyed and clammed up. I had to persuade him a bit and he finally opened up. It couldn't be wrong this time, could it?

It could, Thaddeus was there the whole time.

Four down, four to go...

And only one evidence left...

I cursed my bad luck and went on investigating. Four suspects left, all of them were women. I decided to start from Susannah Halewood, Russell's friend. I went to the tailor once again.

It wasn't hers.

Five down, three to go...

I asked Thaddeus again, this time about Hildegarde Riggs, Russell's mother. He was also annoyed and clammed up. Unfortunately, I could't persuade him to speak up. Well, $200 was quite a sum. But it was able to make him open up. After all I'd been through, I deserved a nice rest.

But it wasn't hers.

Six down, two to go...

I decided to go back to Thomas, hoping that he would tell me something about Vivian Caban, Russell's servant.

She was there the whole time, asking further, I found that Hildegarde was there also. He finally lost it and clammed up when I asked him about Susanna's. It didn't matter anyway at the time.

So, seven down, only one left: Leoda Carr, who clammed up on me...

Sir Kittithaj
Sir Kittithaj

May-11-2005 11:36

Remembering a word of wisdom from Sherlock Holmes: "When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.", I was ready to accuse her. But I wanted to find some more evidence first. I interviewed all suspects again. And I didn't have to wait long this time: Hildegarde saw Leoda wearing Russell's watch after the murder, and Thaddeus saw her washing blood from her hands. That's it!

If I finished the case, I would get $470. I already paid $200 in bribes.

"To hell with it," I thought. I went to Thomas, and before he could complain to me, I handed him $200 for Susannah's alibi, out of curiosity.

And she was there the whole time, along with 4 other people. What? Were they having a mass seance or something?

I went to Leoda's house and accuse her. Of course, she confessed (like I could be wrong after all I'd been through.) Oh, and she had held an investigative reporter captive, Terrance Zorn. After such a mind-numbling experience, I completely forgot about him. If he was killed I would be a little bit guilty. A little bit.

James Hayton thanked me for solving the mysterious death of his dear client, and paid me the promised reward.
Yeah, like I would believe you, James. You're the one who sent the threatening letter after all. Don't you ever call me your old neighbour again.

And The "Unique" Hunt for the Haunting Corpse had came to an end.

Now there was one thing that puzzled me: what should I do with the remaining $70?

Sir Kittithaj
Sir Kittithaj

May-11-2005 11:38

It was a case that I never hoped I can finish. Five people, same alibi. It required a very careful planning and a great deal of luck to check all alibis and evidences.

So, my question - is something like this happened frequently? Five people who claim they're with the same person. And to top it off, all of their alibis are valid.

If you have the same experience, please feel free to share. I am willing to read a long story.


May-11-2005 12:23

Sometimes this happens.

P. Rockwell
P. Rockwell

May-11-2005 14:15

You got to love it when it happens to one of your contacts though! I've had all 4 PEs and 4 suspects on my PE contact! Now that was a quick case! :D

Sir Kittithaj
Sir Kittithaj

May-11-2005 23:30

Yes, it would be nice if it happens to my contacts. ;)

Perhaps all of them were having a mass consulting with the fortune teller.


I also had a quite similar case today. However, it wasn't people who had the same alibi - the case had the same type of physical evidence: thread.

It looked like this:
1. Using your skills in Thread Analysis, you discover a a Thread, caught under the victim's fingernail.
Furthermore, you determined it to be Thread from female's clothes.
2. On closer examination, you spotted another Thread in the victim's hand. This thread matched neither the first one found, nor the material from the victim's clothes.
Furthermore, you determined it to be Thread from female's clothes.
3. On closer examination, you found yet another Thread near the victim.
Furthermore, you determined it to be Thread from female's clothes.

Yes, three thread, all were from female's clothes. Luckily I could narrow down the suspects to two people and kept pestering the tailor long enough to know the real murderer.

Today is a strange day to me...

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