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The easiest hard case ever.
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Sir Kittithaj
Sir Kittithaj

May-2-2005 07:15

Today I start working on cases again after my 3-day vacation to the sea.

My skills is currently suitable for hard cases. So I started working on one: The Baffling Mystery of the Indian Room.

The victim was Varette Burlile. Brandon Carr, her servant, came to me for help. He suspected Lanette Stumfoll, Burlile's friend. She was mad because Burlile forgot her gift (what a foolish reason was that!)

Searching the crime scene, I came up with a clump of curly hair, and unidentifiable bloody footprint. Hmm... I guess it's the time to buy a thinking pipe, although I don't smoke.

Brandon Carr told me he was with the butcher. Luckily for me, he was my contact. I then went to Stumfoll's house. She told me she suspected Karl Kinsella, Burlile's brother. However, she clammed up when I was asking for her alibi. I tried my best to persuade her but couldn't make her speak. I think I need some perfume too, or probably a new dress.

I went to Kinsella's house to ask for more suspects. However, he refused to speak to me at all. I failed to persuade him otherwise. I hoped I would be luckier with townspeople.

I went to the butcher, Sylvia Lee, she confirmed Carr's alibi and told me that Karl Kinsella thought he knew who the murderer is. Great, if he could only speak!

My informant told me that Burlile was belong to La Cosa Nostra and made enemies with the Order of Socrates. Like I should care, really.

I started my long walk through the city. The waitress was no help. The music teacher told me that Carr probably knew about the murderer. Well, better than nothing. The fortune teller didn't tell me anything. The bartender told me about Stumfoll, whom I already knew. Finally, father Gesling knew nothing.

So, I stuck with three suspects. Two of them refused to speak to me further.

In a desperate move, I went to the City Hall to research. With such a few number of suspects, I didn't expect anything much.

And then I found that Kinsella was in the drunk tank when the murder happened...


Skyler Michaels
Skyler Michaels

May-4-2005 01:53

Me thinks someone needs a sense of humor. Skyler wonders if he can buy some people a sense of humor maybe la casa seells it na it must be the brotherhood lol.

Ophelia Jones
Ophelia Jones
Pinball Amateur

May-4-2005 07:33

To each their own....

Sir Kittithaj
Sir Kittithaj

May-5-2005 04:27

Well, I was trying to brush up my writing skill since I have never posted anything in English for more than a year. I started by writing my biography. And for the next step, what would be better than writing my recent detective stories?

As I have said before, this thread is meant to be an entertaining read. That fails miserably since you think it's boring.

I guess I've to try harder next time...

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