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Skills Malfunction
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D.L. Williams
D.L. Williams

Jun-19-2004 07:08

I may be off on a tangent, cos my brains are fried for being a detective 15hrs straight a day (meals at desk included - while stocks last) but...Does anyone else encounter these skill-related problems?

#1. On purchasing a new skill IN THE MIDST of a case, the new skill is not very effective.

Eg. I studied real hard and upgraded myself with a "Handwriting Analysis" course, then went back to my open case. The "You found A Threatening Note" clue changed to "Handwriting". It didn't elaborate further.

#2. Sometimes, some skills don't work.

- You found a Threatening Note.
- You found a Bloody Footprint.
Analysing the evidence, you are able to determine it is Footprint from a heavy person

(In the above eg, the Threatening Note renders no further clue. Is this intentional, or do I seriously have a bug?)


D.L. Williams
D.L. Williams

Jun-20-2004 15:22

*cracks up with laughter* Sigarr, you're a treat.

If the answer to the first question of your quiz is (1), you'd bag all points, contacts and equipment hands down!

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